Plugin Lists

Online Composition and Editing

Graph Visualisation

oEmbeds and Embeds for Tweets and PDFs

Backlinking and Visualisation of Note Connections

Snippets and Syntax Support for VSCode


Other Ideas / To-do

  • ‘ID’ YAML metadata tag for Wiki notes, to allow provision of both a title and an ID, rather than the ID being the title. Allows for independent manipulation of ID, and mnemonic titles. Some info on identifiers in ZK
  • Addition of VSCode tags for identifiers to insert into template notes
  • Citation management doubling as PDF storage/database Manage Citations for a Zettelkasten • Zettelkasten Method
  • Images should all link to themselves
  • Need backlink graph visualisation — steal from here?
  • FIX Netlify build error when invalid links
  • Implement forelinks
  • link somewhere to jekyll-wikilinks documentation
  • edit image paste settings to be simplest possible — base image path, input box etc
  • Pinned Notes:
    • Pinned: true/false in metadata
    • Pinned note appears in sidebar
  • Github Actions daily push
  • Build ~3 more themes