The Kitchen

Duck confit with secret chimichurri, sauerkraut, mashed potato with egg yolks

Fresh clams— Note: these, like oysters, will stay alive in your fridge for a few days

Kombu, honey garlic and presswurst/brawn with korean ginseng tea and ginseng root


The purpose of optimal nutrition is that the body may weather any storm. With perfect harmony, a note of dissonance sounds all the sweeter. I believe that toxic fast food hormetically charges an optimally nourished body with chthonic vitality.

Oysters, tobiko roe and sashimi

Tobiko roe— Fish eggs are one of the greatest foods ever to exist, and tobiko is one of the forms with the best economic return. You can find this cheap enough to eat every day if you search.

Scotch fillet steak and brie— Scotch fillet is the greatest of the steaks. Up until the scotch fillet, price corresponds to quality. Frying a steak in butter is most delicious, but butter has a low burn-temperature, and is best used to finish a steak after frying it in tallow or olive oil.