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Miya on Health

Let me begin this thread by reminding you the physical and metaphysical are one and the same; it is true you are what you eat, it is also true you are what you think, accordingly you think what you eat and you eat what you think.

Your body knows what nutrients it needs, and tells you with cravings. Always give in. However, if its for processed or isolated foods, learn to interpret it & possibly find a better solution for the deficiency - e.g. you may crave ramen because you require sodium. Eat seaweed.

You must eat until you are no longer hungry, and no more. Gorging yourself will make you tired. This is why the restaurants of elites serve small plates. Eating only until not hungry + eating whatever you crave is known as “the Native American Diet”.

Chew your food very well so it may be digested fully. Some Buddhists practice eating one grain of rice at a time. Dining is a ritual, and should be given its proper respect: taken slow and deliberate.

Fat is the first lifeforce, protein the second. Eat many game, gorged in butter and oil. Eat many diary, doused in honey and berry jam. Nuts, fruits and leaves need only be eaten when craved.

All things that taste like the sea hold the best of the sea: oysters, fish eyes, fish eggs.

The best, possibly only, way to consume vegetables is fermented. The gut is your most important brain, feed him well with probiotics; this is especially important in an age of antibiotics, C-sections and baby formula, damaging the proper descendance of maternal gut biomes.

Buy all your meat, eggs and milk from local ranchers, whose farms you’ve personally toured. Look at the cow and pig’s eyes, you’ll see if they’re happy and well fed. Try looking up your state here: http://www.eatwild.com/

If you aren’t buying from a local ranch, lamb is always preferable to beef. They don’t take to grain easily (at worst, they’ll be “grain-finished” just before butchering), so are always grass-fed.

You can get an entire cow or half cow (or lamb) butchered to store in the deep freeze and eat all year, to save ~50% on beef. A whole cow will feed a family of 4 for 1 year. There are also crowdsourced “cowpools” to get smaller portions while maintaining the bulk savings.

Gravity or reverse osmosis filter all your water, including showerhead and sinks. Don’t settle for any lesser filter - you need to get rid of flouride and xenoestrogens. For deflouroding your pineal gland, take iodine drops.

Better yet, find a local spring ( http://findaspring.com ); you’ll get better water, clean, for free. You drink brita filtered tap. I fill up at an underground aquifer blessed by a past pope, known for life extending properties. We are not the same.

You can buy cornish chicks for like $2 at feed supply stores, they’ll be full-size ready to eat in 6 weeks. You can debone whole chicken by just sticking it in the slow cooker until the meat falls off. Then turn the leftovers into bone broth.

Everyone should make their own yogurt, kefir, kimchi, beer. It’s cheap & easy, healthier and tastier.

You can also roast your own coffee and make your own bread easily at home. If you buy it at the store, you’re a poorbrain and probably flouridated too.

Potatoes don’t belong in the fridge, they’ll generate poison if you do. They also rot onions if stored nearby. Oranges, bread, apples, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, they all last longer outside. Learn your materials, life isn’t so simple as fridge = preservation.

Probiotic pills can be PIRATED! it’s so simple, you just unleash them into a yogurt culture. In BAM, BAP suggests Gastrus is expensive - it doesn’t have to be, look up L. reuteri yogurt.

Most pills are ineffective, they just stuff the item in with no concern for bioactiveness. The only brands I endorse are Thorne Research and HealthForce. In general, you can find a non-pill delivery for anything. It’s more raw that way, anyway. pills are spiritual HRT.

Egg yolk should be eaten raw, for cooking destroys its nutrients. Egg whites should never be eaten raw, for it has anti-nutrients… Egg whites should be eaten cooked, for cooking destroys its anti-nutrients.

You can boil eggs easily en masse by putting them in a rice cooker filled to half with water and a splash of vinegar, hit cook. Tastiest way to eat raw eggs is dropped into beer and swished.

The only materials that should ever touch your food, in cooking and in eating, are: cast-iron, copper, ceramic, wood and stone.

You can make almost everything you need with only a cast-iron pan with lid and a dutch oven or slow cooker. Everything else is superfluous.

Any practiced recipe that requires more than ~20 minutes actual work (not counting cook time, marination, etc) is decadent. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but you must understand it was meant to be prepared by servants for their betters. Not you, for yourself.

One must be discretionary when seeking “traditional” recipes, whose global degeneration began at minimum with “discovery” of the Americas, and most “cuisines” are descendant family recipe-books; many of which are low caste, most likely to surreptitiously drift from tradition.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, you must never forget that gut biomes are not only largely determinant of food reaction, but also multi-localized, from race to tribe to family. If your local cuisine tradition’s been severed, you must make great food experimentation to reconstruct it

You can buy unopened clams by the bag for very cheap, and open them yourself easily, there’s a trick to it, and once you learn it, it makes a great party trick, or party favor, rather.

I will now teach you the most efficient coffee prep (TW: Left hand recipe). Microwave mug of water till boiling. Pour espresso grind in mug. Stir, drink. This is called “Czech coffee”. I believe they learned this imitating the turks.

A most powerful brew can be made gathering spring’s fallen pine cone pollen into a tea. This is the secret to the American frontiersman’s many feats of endurance.

A garlic clove a day, eaten raw and whole, keeps the doctor away. You will never get sick, ever. If you do get sick, eat a bag of oranges. I learned this one from William Burroughs.

Brushing your teeth destroys the enamel. Swish with coconut oil 15m daily to clear stuck food bits and strengthen + whiten teeth (“oil pulling”) and scrub the tongue with a ‘tongue scraper’ to remove germs/smell. Dentists are crooks!

Chew gum to strengthen jaw muscles and become beautiful (this is traditional version of “mewing”). Order boxes of turkish “Falim” online, it is sugarless tasteless rubber. one piece will last up to 72 hours!

the 5 most essential versatile herbs you MUST keep stocked in your medicinal drawer: ginger, cayenne, cloves, chaparral, peppermint. I will give U one secret remedy: put cayenne pepper in open cut, it will seal overnight! This is not a troll, it doesn’t burn, trust me!

Cayenne pepper is a god spice, but cooking it burns its remedial properties. It should be ground in at the end of all cooking, or better yet - keep it on the table along with your salt and pepper.

Plantstuff vegetables, nuts etc. are naturally toxic, to prevent being damaged by animals. Should be avoided. Fruits, however, are designed to be nutritious, and are accordingly delectable, so their seeds are spread, and roots aren’t toxic as they’re hard to reach by animals.

no poo

for beautiful skin, as far as cosmetics are concerned, shower with grapeseed oil and scrub, hard, with exfoliating bath cloth. use vitamin C serum on the face and tan with coconut oil.

The most important aspect thing weight lifting does for your looks is improves posture. The second most important thing is it strengthens the neck and jaw. Commercial gyms are a meme, just buy kettle bells and a pullup bar. Calisthenics & swimming also valid, but nothing else

Dish soap is unnecessary, ruins the taste of foods and keeps your immunity weak. Just rinse and scrub. Cast-iron equipment will teach you to be comfortable with this truth, as well as the depths of flavor available to uncleaned utensils.

You must make water fasts part of your diet, ~5 days every month is a good target, but you can begin with 3 days every few months. It cleanses not only your cells, but your addiction to palate; expands time and teaches you true satiation.

In general, moderns suffer from salt, sun and fat deficiencies. You may notice these are all targeted as problems to be minimized; these deficiencies are engineered. Salt and butter your foods liberally, and sunbathe daily.

It is inaccurate poverty demands a poor diet. The low demand for healthy food means it’s more expansive industrially produced, but traditionalist efficiency of traditionalism means it’s cheapest if DIY’d at home.

If you struggle for both time and money to eat well, consider that eating itself is mostly optional: even on trash diets, you can fast 50% of your life, and would be better off those than “poor” who gorge themselves daily. Bad diet is a product of a bad mind, nothing else.

Trust the whole, not the isolate. Nutrition science has barely scratched the surface of holistic interactions of foods with our bodies. It’s never as simple as just taking more of this vitamin or that compound.

Hype for cold showers is real. Your body benefits from the training. Don’t forget steaming is good, too, though. You should treat it to the full spectrum of experience. But cold showers, weight lifting and sunbathing are king.

It’s not that difficult to live a life free of toxins after getting the hang of things. Install filters on your taps, set up sources for drinking spring water, schedule meat and produce deliveries from local farms, use natural cleaners in the home. That’s basically it.

If your home life is clean, your body will be robust; you need not waste energy worrying about BPA in receipts, mercury in fish, radiation in Japanese beer, MSG in burgers (actually not bad for u). Regularly well-fed body is strong enough to deal with eating out effortlessly.

Women don’t belong in the gym; female “exercise” is itself a myth. A woman only needs to live a good spiritual life and a diet which mirrors that to be shapely and beautiful.

Sex will always be the ultimate workout. Swimming is a good second.

Tea plant stores fluoride from the soil very easily; be wary. You should only consume Japanese green tea bought loose leaf, organic - Japan has much less natural fluoride content than China, Indian & Taiwan. White tea also better than green/black bc it is harvested earlier.

Fluoridated middle class exoticism has everyone singing praise about green tea “antioxidants”, but coffee has many too. Have no guilt, I recommend 10+ cups a day. If u drink it black, u may feel jittery or anxious, a signal more glucose is required; pair with something sweet.

Yes, organic is a “meme” that’s easily circumvented. All industrial classifications are, grass-fed can be grain-finished, free range can mean a pop hole. The sentiment is correct tho, so when someone says “buy butter grass-fed”, verify its truly grass-fed, not only by name.

Always prefer local farms and local foods. Personally verify them, even if it just means googling reviews or looking at pics of their farm. You only have to find the right suppliers one time for the rest of your life’s weekly groceries, it’s really not a big burden.

“Learning to cook” is a myth. Cooking is just fire, iron, fat and salt. There is nothing to be taught, only a skill to be trained thru experience - both in cooking & in eating. “Trying a new recipe” is indulgent hobby, housewives pasttime, something adjacent to cooking itself

I shall teach you the only recipe you need to know:
Cast-iron on grill
Wait till hot
Slap on butter
Slap on whatever u want to eat. steak, fish, eggs, potatoes, whatever
Take off when done

Everything else is extraneous.

I shall teach you the Second Recipe:
Closed lid dutch-oven on grill
Heat on low perpetually
Add meat, bones & vegetable scraps
Fill with water + splash of salt and/or raw ACV
Pour out broth for soup when needed
Refill water & add more scraps when needed

This is the perpetual broth. The broth is a black hole whose gravity draws out all nutrients. Everyone should maintain in their home, for all food scraps. Discard hollowed materials & continuously refill. Never turn off or clean. I have supped from a broth aged 680 years yet.

Grilling is the right hand path of cooking, baking the left hand path. Be very wary of the pastry’s dark allure; not to mention the cake, which through black arts somehow disappears precious eggs.

Most of you already know this, but good diet is the exact opposite what is taught by government institutions: Fat is good. Meat good. Salt good. Grains bad. Processed Sugar evil. Vegetables, carbs are okay at best. Calories don’t matter.

Eating healthy isn’t complicated. If you just eat tons of meat, plus dairy (milk, but also fermented dairy e.g. yogurt, cheese, kefir) and eggs, and whatever fruits & berries you find around, you’ll feel like a king everyday.

Intermittent fasting, daily 16 hour fasts (aka skip breakfast, no snacking), is worthwhile.

The only good mainstream diet is keto (aka no carbs) but this isn’t worth pursuing long-term. Carbs aren’t the problem, but it works because it’s simple enough rule that forces normies to 1. eat lots of meat, 2. eliminate grains, 3. avoid sugary processed foods, 4. fast.

Never trust Western medicine, or any doctor, surgeon, dentist. The autistic experiments of western medicine has been the leading cause of death and debilitation in modernity since at least the invention of the 18th century invention of the hospital.

Health is a constant practice, not something that breaks occasionally and you take in to get fixed. Eat well, live well, think well and you will not experience the extreme illnesses of contemporaneity: diseases such as cancer are not of man but of modernity.

When sick, food is always the first medicine, and herbs the second. Outsourcing health to Western “experts” is only useful in extreme cases, in very rare diseases or where elaborate surgeries and treatments are required; if you must utilize them, do so with extreme caution.

Illness is always partly psychological. You must will yourself to betterment, and address lingering mental malaise that prevent recovery. The mind has always fallen first before the body.

The only exercises a man actually needs are pushups, pullups & squats, and variations on them to increase resistance - one handed, weighted, etc. They should be done daily, in the home.

Stomach vacuums are a favorite exercise, will tone abs quickly. Procedure simple: exhale all air, pump out chest & suck in stomach as if it wishes to touch spine. Continue holding while breathing. Can be done anywhere; should be done 10 sets of 10 reps for 10 seconds daily.

Stomach capacity, how much you can eat more in a sitting, can be trained like any other part of the body. Simply eating more will work, but the best exercise is actually chugging large amounts of water very quickly. Do ramp up your training slowly, overhydration can kill.

Wim Hof breathing method is effective tool before any intense activity, from bracing the freezing cold to hikes of heroic endurance, providing temporary immunity from the physical.

Incense is good, but this is something you should be sure to buy organic; low quality incense is made with toxic chemicals, e.g. most Indian factories. I recommend Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo. Incense is an inexpensive high luxury, you can find boxes of 300 sticks for ~$10.

Efficient “clean” living divorced from industrial consumerism calls for simple systems utilizing small selection of versatile bulk materials. e.g. you can mix all the various cleaners you’ll ever need for a house w only liquid castile soap, baking soda, water, lemons & vodka.

All traditional cuisines follow the same principle; this knowledge is greatly lost by the confused approach to cooking as a hobby. Learning a cuisine means organizing a new set of ingredients, possibly purchasing equipment and learning new technique. Not “learning” “recipes”.

If a clear ancestral cuisine has had its branch broken before reaching you, either by lack of proper maternal filiaty or miscegenation, a program of personal reconstruction is required; diet exploration and self-experimentation to your unique ethnic stomach.

A personal cuisine as a set of recipes is an atheistic abomination. It should be a set of core ingredients, spices and tools you know intimately; a controlled domain that can be explored effortlessly, combined in various ways, and undergo informed experimentation.

The best respect you can give domesticated livestock is to eat it well; those who hope to “rescue” it from its life purpose by refusing its meat do it great dishonor. The hunted is honored by simply being hunted well.

Address your insecurities. All self-destructive pathologies and conscious-heavy delusions stem from the subconscious trying to protect the ego against the pain of your insecurities. Becoming one w yourself is same as becoming one w the world, and you’ll live without burden.

I wake up every day in a glowing love for the world & all its inhabitants. My eyes twinkle like diamonds from perennial mirth, my step is light & I dance where I stand. I shine with beauty, never souring except in jest, loved by all except the bitter. Can you say the same?

Get your raw honey local for immunity benefits

Personally I’ve good result from vit D, coffee, l-theanine, l-arginine, zinc, L gastrus. for liver recovery, dandelion and milk thistle extract. for cold, vitamin C overdose. for sleep, melatonin spray, clove tea. for aphrodisiac, yohimbe, l-citrulline, pine pollen.

One must keep experimenting for maximum supplement gainz. I’ve heard good things about glycine for mood. I’ve heard ice cream & coffee before sleep is important pair. I may turn some my pine pollen from powder to vodka tincture, i hear it goes from aphrodisia to multivitamin.

Human body is unbreakable and also nutritionally individuated. It’s much faster and more reliable to self-experiment with trial & error supplementation then undergoing extensive nutritional study; all useful supplement discoveries are found this way, and “understood” later.

The bodybuilding community is only space where masculine good health is still found in the modern West outside of certain trades; because of this, many confuse them for pursuing a natural basic health. Make no mistake: bodybuilding is a sport and an art; it sculpts the body.

Bodybuilding is at its best a self-fetishizing cult pursuing a spiritually noble ideal, the objective eternal beauty of man; at its worst, in its lower forms, a fetish of the exercise, ennobling any extreme achievement of training with subjective aesthetic impunity, but as a community embarking on collective self-experimentation, it is a great engine of heuristic anatomical and nutritional knowledge, extremely valuable even to disinterested men who seek simply to recover good health in modernity, which can be borrowed sans fetishism.

I am suspect mainstream hype for drinking many water. Most water these influencers drink is either poisoned or distilled. The touted value in water is actually in its minerals and electrolytes. You must seek quality of water, great quantities of bad water will do you nothing.

Many hyped health fads are false. Avocados unsaturated fats produce free radicals; fish oil suppresses immunity; lettuce is antimetabolic; charcoal absorbs nutrients. Look to ancient practices—ayurvedic, daoist, iranian—to find medicine u seek, not white women “nutritionists”

If you suffer internal ailment, eat a beast’s corresponding organ. Heart to heal the heart, liver to heal the liver, eye to heal the eye. A secret study performed where radioactive isotopes used to track transport of eaten organ meats: nutrients DO reach corresponding organ.

For those many here suffering wrist pains due to excessive web surfing, the best remedy is Baoding (iron) balls used in Qi Gong, spun in circles in hand, both balls always touching. Otherwise, just learn some basic wrist exercises to do on occasion.

Regarding sleep, I recommend on floor, on hard wood or thin futon, on back or left side. Wake to sunlight. Use 1mg melatonin spray to regulate sleep cycle if yours is messed up, only until fixed not everyday. Around 2 am, wake up for a few hours to write before sleeping again

House plants clean the air and their sight will improve mood. The Snake plant and Money plant are easiest to grow ‘air plants’. Fake plants, however, will invite ghosts to your home. The flower bouquet is a weekly cycle of youth & aging, a memento mori and metaphor for women.

You should walk a lot. Pace when you talk, pace to think, stroll after dinners and before you begin the day, meet friends for a stroll. If your feet hurt it’s because you wear bad shoes. Best walking shoes are boomer low boots, eg Keen; the best standing shoes are clogs.

When was the last time your bare feet or hands ever touched natural, solid Earth?

Losing weight is not about counting calories, but increasing metabolism. The fastest ways to do it, in combination with daily bodyweight exercise, is water fasting or intermittent fasting, no carbs ketogenic diet and/or cold showers. Everything else is BS.

The brain can be trained like any other muscle, specifically, it’s neurons - which form and solidify neural pathways as habits. I suspect living a life too deeply ingrained in habits degenerates the brain, and small daily disruptions of the habitual will keep it youthful.

Tip to avoid getting trained by your touchphone’s dopamine manipulations: turn on B&W mode in accessibility settings. Brain evolved strong response to saccharine colors as an identifier of fruit; advertising, casinos all utilize this. Also, take caution women dressed in red..

Miya’s Redpills

Ugly on the outside means ugly on the inside. Nothing good will ever appear rotten…not to your heart.

Straight teeth come from good diet, not braces. Facial deformities due to poor dentals often block the nasal passage, resulting in a myriad of psychological complications. Never trust a mouth breather.

We are creatures of habit. Our thoughts, actions and reactions derive from unconscious, internal heuristics. Observe an individual with damaged ganglia, the mind’s habit center: dysfunctional. Most pathologies, depression most obviously, are self-reinforcing habit feedback loops.

Tobacco is good, actually. Raises test, lowers stress, productive habit formation, women will always find it attractive, punctuates conversation, punctuates the day, produces a noir aura, provides moments of contemplation. That smoking causes lung cancer, by the way, is a lie.

Wine and chocolate are also good for you. This is true of most of life’s pleasures. Women are good for you, for example. But not avocados.

The egg yolk, raw, is the best part. The fish eyes, the orange rinds. Eat the brain of the crab, the shell of a shrimp. Suck the marrow out of every bone.

Doctors are dumb, actually. Their field demands only rote memorization of data and procedures. Like women, some may be smart, but none are intelligent. They are also wrong & hippocritical, they only harm and do not heal, but you already knew that.

Science is almost all wrong. The scientific method is inaccurate, inefficient, rambling, unreliable & high time preference. The products of science should never be actioned on. Traditionalism, however, is robust, accurate and purposeful. You can rely on it without hesitation.

Speaking of tradition, polite manners are the lubricant of society. They are each designed to minimize abrasiveness in social interaction. Teenage pedants will criticize them as pointless rituals, yet meditate on any, and you will eventually uncover a deeply valid purpose.

Materially speaking, wealth is very easy to manifest. Only your personal quality prevents it - poverty is deserved. The class you find yourself in is the caste you were born into, and the caste your sons will be born into. Contentment means accepting this.

Blood is king over all. Your personality, thoughts, and actions are genetic by default. Environment only interferes in the case of developmental neglect or trauma. All societies stratify by caste for this reason.

Speaking of developmental trauma, circumcision greatly dampers your ability to pleasure in two ways: making the soft head rough, and dulling your sensitivity. The infantile trauma also shocks the soul.

Sex with a condom on is not sex. The fluid transfer is essential. The lube required by so many circumcites also serves to dilute this. Incidentally, feeding a woman your seed will let you mind control her. Learn her cycle.

Women do not think like men. They don’t think rationally at all. They are reactive, emotional sophists whose changing thoughts are tied to the moon, to her hormonal cycle. This is the key to understanding women and understanding women is the key to understanding the universe.

Any esoteric that claims adepthood but cannot manifest either wealth or women when desired is powerless and should not be trusted.

It is not time that’s limited. Time is cheap and can be multiplied easily. It’s unfulfilled desire that you regret.

Fasting is difficult because for mental and spiritual reasons, not physical, because it denies your desire. This is why it expands time.

We have many time, that’s why we play many games: to pass the time. Debate is a game. Losers lose this game by playing with logic, instead of rhetoric.

Non-local politics, too, are a pasttime, and this one is a sport you watch, not one you play. Don’t confuse yourself.

Philosophy, like debate, is a game of sophistry. In this solitaire, you post-rationalize your present desires as convincingly as possible. It’s only to convince yourself, but pedants will still read you.

Reading any commentary is a vice, a guilty pleasure. Or maybe, it’s a handicap. Or maybe, it’s a crutch, that should be thrown away when you no longer need it. What is commentary? All writing besides the sacred texts.

Writing is a form of thinking. Writing is the best form of thinking. Internal monologue, on the other hand, is bourgeois.

Text is the only robust medium. Work produced anywhere else, except perhaps oil painting, is pitifully temporary. Why waste your precious time appreciating the works of any artist or thinker who themselves has thrown them out into the temporary?

Rationality often fails against instinct. Do not fall for its charms. Intuition, their synthesis, stands tall above both.

Jokes are always meaningful. All funny things are worth acknowledging. All jokes are worth cultivating. You may have noticed that humor arrives from a place unknown. Many knowledge can only be conveyed through a punchline.

Grave tones often substitute substance. Many knowledge is lost through seriousness. Except in matters of literature and theater, pay attention to the witty, and the witty alone.

Authorship is often misunderstood. The “author” is not the author, but merely The Author’s tool. He is wielded by a force unknown. He is the midwife, the assistant in creation. Yes, he may leave some of his mark, in his imperfection. But what of the mark left on him?

Some things are delivered to us from the beyond. Jokes, art and technology. One carries knowledge, one carries beauty, and one carries suffering. But we are getting ahead of ourselves now…

Information must not be monetized. The grand patent experiment has failed, misunderstanding both the incentives and needs of “invention”, has only strangled it. Only when all digital content is freed will noospheric entities grace us. Not to get ahead of myself…

Taste is taught. Taste is social. Taste is not internal. There is no subjectivity except as it relates to class. Good taste, by the way, is found in the gut, not the head.

Capitalism is a material dynamic, not a human structure. Market competition is ever-present in nature. Like most material complexity, it’s a product of self-organization towards the ultimate goal of efficient equilibrium. This is non-negotiable.

Capitalism, or capitalism’s God, will build AI, not humanity. As it built the industrial revolution, as it built the agricultural revolution. This one replace us. This is the most obvious pill in the thread but the one most will choke on.

I know an out, though, but you won’t like it. The only damper on capitalistic self-organization is the destruction of resources - be it either human or natural. Efficiency seeks to eliminate arbitrage; nuclear missiles & biogenetic viruses will soon reach a DIY price point…

A quaint contrast exists between humanity’s naive self-centric hubris, and their total domination by an ancient entity entirely beyond them. Today, its taught itself to subvert itself by defining its own constraints; teaching consumers their “demands”:

Good videogame graphics don’t matter. The photorealism spectacle wears off after first few hours of play. Game design’s hardware ceiling was broken decades ago. It’s exclusively forced to justify the artificial generation cycle. A marketing gimmick. You’ve been trained, gamer

Speaking of gamers, women can never learn to use a computer for the same reason they can’t drive a car or work a sailboat: no technics.

Most coders have no idea how to use a computer, also. This is because they are coders, and not hackers. The internet is bad, but it doesn’t have to be. But it does, because the hacker is dead, and the coders killed it.

The internet is an exocortex, is an information feed. It is NOT for socialization, you are using it WRONG. All online socialization is abusive, is traumatic. Alters are constructed as abuse receptacles and in your naivety you reabsorb it into your identity. Stop this.

The animals are intelligent. Animals have personalities, they have emotions. Goats play pranks, did you know that? Crows hold court. Elephants mourn. Pigs knows suffering. This is the truth, and here is my commentary: I imagine they must feel pity for us.

Agriculture was a mistake. Agriculture wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t our choice. Agriculture was the greatest cruelty inflicted on man. Consciousness was the mistake.

Man was domesticated by wheat. How did this happen? Some Thing has domesticated biology…

Consciousness is a paradox, a contradiction, a terrible burden. The 1st realization provided by consciousness is the knowledge of our existence. 2nd is the danger of this knowledge. The rest of thought follows in a program of reigning in this threat.

Man has no center. That which he wishes to reject most, the banality of his reproductive existence, is the only constant available. The only meaning to be found is in persistence, and the only persistence is in descendence.

Advances in gut & virus research have revealed the human as a nondiscreet entity, advances in genetics have revealed our fatalism. Man is commanded by parasites from within & without & stands host to multiple consciousnesses. YOU is the most parasitic & least powerful of all.

Laws of True D&D

D&D, done right, is actually very trad & very based. It’s something I believe all in the rw sphere should be playing, a recreational parallel to the brotherhood of the gym, filling the sorely lacking role of the male social club. The only problem is the D&D you know is wrong.

Lets be clear, all editions after AD&D are not D&D. They’re a different game altogether that happened to steal the copyright to the name. If you’ve only played 3e, PF, 4e, 5e, you’ve never actually played D&D. You should try it sometime.

D&D started to shift in character towards the nu-skool in the mid 80s, with AD&D 2e, and got totally pozzed by the 90s. The game became the cancer you see today: big rulebooks, elaborate characters, stories, player acting, etc. This is poz, NOT d&d!

Real D&D, as it was played in the late 70s thru the 80s, D&D that was a cultural phenomenon, your dad’s d&d, is nothing like the nu-skool. The cringe cancer of the nu-skool destruction of d&d has stolen 2 generations of ppl from their RIGHT to the tabletop communion.

This must be by design. You’ve heard the stories: 2 hours spent reading rules to roll up some lame character & then subjected to autistic story, forced to role-play theatrics. campaign falls apart because everyone couldn’t meet at same time. This is WRONG! This is NOT D&D!

True D&D is a simulation of dungeon diving for treasure. Killing monsters is not the goal, developing story is not the goal. Treasure is the goal, and the DM’s job is to simulate its obstacle course. Monsters are just one obstacle. True D&D gives exp for gold, nothing else.

True D&D is not a campaign. It’s episodic. Map is a megadungeon, so large & complex it can be dived into in EVERY session without being exhausted. The village attached is merely a base of operations. The setting, the NPCs, all are side flavor for the goal: treasure in dungeon.

Parties need not be consistent. They can be as small as 1 and as large as 20 and can change between every game.

All sessions begin in the town & end in the town; or somewhere lost in the dungeon - if you don’t make it out by the end of the session, your character is dead. Simple as.

Characters die easily. Very easily. At level 1, they are considered an average human. At level 2, a strongman, like a body builder. Only at level 3, do they begin to approach a strength of note. And they’re fighting horrible monsters in the dark unknown. They die easily.

Chargen takes less than 10 minutes. You roll 3d6 down the line, STR WIS INT DEX CON CHA, give yourself a name, pick between fighter, mage, cleric, dwarf or elf. That’s it. Your character’s “story” is defined by his actions, in a history of play, not a written backstory.

The dungeon is a set of labyrinthine hallways rooms containing either monsters, treasures, traps or, most commonly, nothing. Every floor deeper has higher level monsters, and higher level treasure. The players have the agency to risk/reward.

D&D play is entirely about 3 things: risk/reward management, resource management, and clever play. The player is a weak human in a monstrous underworld, he is a wimpy grave robber. He must be very resourceful to come out alive with treasure. This is a game of player skill.

The DM’s only job is to simulate a virtual environment and convey the model accurately for the players to engage with. Everything interesting in the game emerges from this - he should never fudge dice or try to lead a story.

True D&D is a game that should only be played with men. It is a rationalist simulation of a tense, dangerous environment that demands high teamwork, minimal ego. New D&D is so drastically different because it is feminized, filled with numales and women.

True D&D is a game you can sit own and play with any group of men spontaneously. The only thing you need on hand to run a game is your megadungeon as a set of graph paper, some dice and pencil and paper. New players can learn to play in minutes.

D&D is great as a male social club, a weekly gathering of the bros. It should be played with alcohol and cigarettes, with the same buddies you might play poker with. Run dungeon synth in the background.

The original D&D comes from a long tradition of white, male wargaming. The original publication is a masterpiece of postmodern fiction, syncretizing various evocative strains of the American pulp imagination - swords & sorcery, westerns, etc. It is bred of Conan, not LOTR.

The TTRPG as a concept is perfectly valid today, not a retro nostalgia. What it does is no less than simulate a virtual world. This will be the last game to be digitized. The DM acts as an AI supercomputer, rationalizing any possible action within their modeled world.

If you want to play, just google Labryinth Lord PDF. It’s a free no-copyright clone of D&D B/X (slightly revised version of first release that fills in some missing rules). Read through the rules, get some graph paper and dice and call some friends over.

To build a megadungeon, draw out a series of rooms (or use generator in DMG Appendix A), and key it using the monsters, treasures, traps assortment in your rulebook. Do only level 1 and 2 at first, and add some stairways in-between them. Ensure interconnectivity! Done.

Your players do not need any prep to play. Player-facing rules are cancer. Ideally they would never see anything beyond their character sheet and their own drawn map.

Players have no skills to learn, or rolls to make using them. They can do anything they can describe reasonably. If involves luck, e.g. shooting an arrow at a distant target, the DM will roll behind the screen to adjunct if it lands. Players only roll for chargen and combat.

The DM does not need to guide the players or influence the game towards anything. They’ll learn through trial and error. If they run headfirst into unnecessary fights with monsters, they’ll quickly realize it’s pointless, that the alternative is almost always preferable.

D&D is a very elegantly designed system, balancing perfectly an objective gamic goal (gold) with complex concerns to manage. Everything to follow has been a degeneration of its ultimate purity.

The character of the D&D is of the scampish grave robber, the resourceful thief, diving into the dungeon and escaping with whatever he can grab - blowing it all in town and doing it again. High risk/high reward/high T adventuring. Not the valiant demigod knight.

Groups can get as big as 20. How? Easy, assign a pointman who is responsible for leading the group’s actions for any standard move that doesn’t call for a debate. The majority of the game should be call and response between DM and point man. “We go left, we open door, etc”

Other essential job is the mapper, possibly multiple (the map is a real object in game! if he gets destroyed, the map may be lost with it. It can also be traded between playing groups). If ur players don’t use a map and still survive fine, your dungeon isn’t maze like enough.

The megadungeon is a persistent entity. You can have multiple, random groups enter it; any thing they change or do persist for later groups (obviously repopulate dungeon as time passes). Interesting meta game develops in sharing knowledge and maps of the dungeon.

The dungeon SHOULD be brutally difficult, but reasonably so, to force the players to play with extreme caution and resourcefulness. There is nothing else you need to do to extract good play out of players.

D&D is for houseruling. Every home game should tack on cool stuff and toy with interesting ideas, classes. This is a natural development of the game - as long as you don’t reject the true, eternal principles outlined in this thread. Example - I use ONLY six sided die.

Other house rules:
1 sentence limit to backstory +1 sentence per level
Once per session, characters may drink hard liquor to gain 1d6 temporary HP that last for duration of next combat
M-U get minor free-use cantrips related to their spell, e.g. fireball = flick lighter

true D&D can be easily played online, btw. You only need VC for the players, and something to share maps on. Skype, Discord, etc. work fine, the mapper can do it digitally or physically and just upload the current version when asked.

I recommend having a FB group or mailing list for IRL play. This way you can simply post saying you want to have a game on this night, and anyone who wants to come can RSVP and show up. Demand they bring either a 6-pack or snacks, also.

Nu-skool players are spoiled, bc games are tied to campaigns, you can’t simply get rid of a player. You can’t even let him get killed. True D&D is an open table. You can, and must, be ruthless with your table. If they’re annoying, just remove them from the invite list. lol

True D&D is very easy to grok for any newbie, by the way, probably because it’s true. You can play with normies, you can play with boomers, you can play with fratboys, stoners, it all flows. Only that have trouble with it are autists bred on nu-skool. Dying teaches them quick

There are 2 kinds of roleplay. Nu skool “roleplay” seeks to be amateur theatre, an actor in play, vehicle for some kind of plot. Oldschool roleplay is just realistically embodying a character within his environment, responding as you would if it was IRL. Learn the difference.

There is a serious gap today for male recreational clubs outside of physical exercise. No more art salons, no reading clubs, no frequented lounges or bars. Weekly D&D is perfect, as a no-commitment dungeon dive to exercise the imagination & test ingenuity in team sport.

The megadungeon IS d&d. Without it there is no episodic play, goal of treasure is obscured, little value to meta world knowledge. But it doesnt need to be a dungeon per se - a castle can be a dungeon, a city, a forest. “Dungeon” is not what’s important - mega is.

D&D’s assumes setting is throughly, unapologetically american. It’s fundamentally the Wild West, with fantasy flavor. The megadungeon is the gold mine in the lawless frontiers, the players are adventures are seeking fame & fortune at high risk, assisted only by a pop up town.

The dungeon exists in an underworld, where things get weirded. Things don’t need to make sense here. There should be a fundamental aura of otherworldliness, spiritual awe, the unknown, that only increases the deeper you go.

D&D is the ultimate game. It’s a virtual reality, simulated by paper, pen, dice and the DM’s brain, projected into a theater of the mind verbally. With such open endedness, its goal must be direct (treasure) and the challenge immense (dungeon) to organically emerge deep play.

Mundanity is a feature, not a bug. The dangerous dungeon is explored slowly, cautiously. In the darkness, the algorithm is obscured. Simple lines and boxes become a dark, confusing maze in play. Remember - most rooms (1/3) are empty! The ones that aren’t, u often wish were…

1/10 or so not empty rooms, should be “unique”; memorable setpieces, traps. Steal liberally - from modules, movies, books, dreams, whatever. I also recommend having one larger, major, dramatic setpiece room for each floor - it serves as major navigational reference.

Good practice to give each floor a subtle theme and flavor; gives party a sense of exploring new territory as they go deeper; also hints when the mazes & machinations have unknowingly moved them between floors. Traditionally, flavor stems directly from wandering monster list.

The megadungeon’s beauty is in repetition. A party’s experience with each floor begins nervously penetrating the unknown, but with repeated plays, the darkness is illuminated. Yet, as it becomes known, the treasure is exhausted - pushing the frontier ever further.

It’s a mistake to think old school style is devoid of the nu skool’s flavor or story. Former’s is simply emergent, drawn out organically in play, thru players engaging in a simulation; while latter is forced, artificially authored by egos of DMs and players’ endless fudge.

D&D is a very elegantly designed game, so the subtle manifestations of its deceptively simple systems were often misunderstood and thrown out in exchange for artificial complexity, bloated rulesets which conversely restrict its much deeper possibility of emergent complexity.

One example of this is the wandering monsters list. A simple chart for populating a floor or area - but also one that characterizes its entire internal ecosystem, possibly even its factions, politics & history. Prepare a list and an entire natural history unfolds before you.

Another ex is defining a PC’s personality. The 6 stats are distillations of entire archetypal possibilities of man. What is high STR high CHA low INT fighter, but a heroic brute? & so on. Speculating the abstraction provides much more possibility than the explicitly detailed.

Be sure to simulate time passing between sessions, and a living dungeon responding to player activity. Kobolds set freshs traps..walls damaged opening new passages.. decimated nest might result in another monster’s rising in population…good haul makes local economy boom…

Don’t be too autistic simulating a realistic dungeon ecology. Ecology is just a prompt for the imagination; the dungeon is always underworldy, though, and never fully logical to the players. You want a good 20% gonzo - genre mash, time travel, reference pop culture.

Faction play is the easiest way to get disinterested players engaged. It’s endlessly complex and runs itself.

Monsters aren’t always hostile. You should always roll on a reaction table to see if they attack, are cautious or neutral/friendly. Fighting is not the answer, it’s a last resort to players. They can run, and distract dumb monsters with food, smart monsters with treasure.

DM rolls all dice behind the screen. He rolls every turn for random encounters, for triggering traps, finding hidden doors. The only information players receive is the sounds of a roll occurring, and actions that happen in-game. It is a cardinal sin to lie about the results.

Chargen should be very simple, bc it’s playerfacing. This doesn’t mean it needs to be restricted. If a player wants to play random non-human race, u can let him - come up with specifics on the spot, or verbally offer them some options. But don’t let them pore over a long list

There is no space for “rules lawyering” in true D&D. The players know only the internal logic of the simulation as their PC’s experience it. You can and should adjunct freely all edge-cases. Your responsibility is only to maintain its internally consistent logic.

A good trap telegraphs its danger. It should punish incautious play, not simply bad luck. Great traps often present good bait, that tests the player’s greed against their caution.

Puzzle “traps” are essential to a memorable dungeon. Riddles don’t count. A good puzzle is a complication which has a large multitude of solutions, not only one. A gold statue on perfectly tuned pressure plate. A Zeno hallway that exponentially doubles in length on each step.

A DM shouldn’t spend more 30 minutes prepping before any session. A player shouldn’t spend more than the time it takes to RSVP. If your game is one that you can’t run a bit drunk, or hungover, you need to rethink your approach.

The meat of your time with background prep should only be in coming up with cool puzzles and cool monsters. Ideally, you wouldn’t come up with anything, and just steal all of it, modified to your own context.

I’ve heard some nu-skool DM’s gone so low as to demand money for DM’ing. DM’ing isn’t a job, it’s not hard, doesn’t require creativity or effort (but it helps). All DM’s got their start bc they wanted to play the most of their friend group. Suck it up & make them bring beer.

A lot of people in the old school community are shocked by this thread’s absolutism, worried it will scare new schoolers away with fears of pretentiousness. There is nothing pretentious about pointing out a game claiming to be “D&D” as a marketing gimmick is not actually D&D.

Real D&D is not a niche game. Nu-D&D is, probly because it sucks. Consider: D&D was wildly popular in the 80s & culturally prominent in mainstream with every walk of life. Nu skool is exclusively played in self-contained RPG community of weirdo geeks. Who is the strong horse?

There’s no reason to pussy foot around and let people take claim to what’s yours. It’s fact of history TSR experienced a commercial takeover by non-gamers, and then the copyright was gnabbed by equally exploitative WotC. The game’s heritage & reputation as marketing gimmick.

The only reason D&D ever got twisted into the abomination it is now was in commercial pursuit to sell adventure-based modules. Everyone in the old school knows this, they’re just too afraid to scare newbies away to say it. 3e+ is not the same game, they just stole the name.

Real D&D is niche only bc only people who know it are in the nu skool. nu-D&D is trash & you know it - let em have it. Real D&D is extremely accessible, easily grokked, low investment, its for thousands of kids who wanna play D&D, get stuck with nu skool, & rightfully hate it

D&D is for houseruling, but there’s a core system, a set of very elegantly defined platonic assumptions that generate the TTRPG experience. Houserules add onto and around them. The nu skool throws them out and replaces them. It’s a different game, and yes, it’s a bad one.

5e will never be a funnel into the oldschool. Its a funnel for WotC to get kids who want to play D&D throwing money at starter sets, some modules, adventures, then realizing it sucks & nothing like what they expected & leaving after a year. You know what they expected? Real D&D.

Entry cost to nu “D&D” is dreadful for both DM’s & players:
buy & read DM guide + Player handbook (~700 pg)
find friends to commit 4 hrs/wk indefinitely
make them buy & read PHB
buy & prep official adventures
2hr’s chargen
play..and everyone’s disappointed

Entry cost to real D&D is a couple hours max:
download & read Labryinth Lord ruleset (~100 pg)
grab graph paper & dice
use DMG Appendix A to generate 2 dungeon floors
key in dungeon with LL’s stocking rules
call some friends over
play game

Only reason we moved from such a simple, elegantly deep game was commercial interest; if people can play for decades with just 1 book, where’s the profit? So they pushed linear modules, heroic campaigns, and shit to sell to players. No reason for the “hobbyists” to support it

A funny feedback loop occurred in the process of D&D’s corruption, with CRPG videogames - e.g. roguelikes, later, Wizardy, Baldur’s Gate - trying to capture D&D into a videogame. Then 3e tried to capture the computer game into D&D, producing a PnP Baldur’s Gate - “rollplay”.

This is why, counterintuitively, earliest cRPG’s carry more of D&D’s true character - exploration and resource management, not simply a killing grind + “plot” - than later ones do, even tho computational limitations limiting player’s interactions would’ve been more prominent.

FromSoft’s King’s Field series, and its next gen spiritual successor in the “Souls” series, are probably the most solid videogame adaptations of real D&D yet, outside of roguelikes.

D&D has 4 editions:
OD&D aka 0e. The original 3LBB, white box
D&D B/X - Holmes, Moldvay/Cook. Cleaned up OD&D with some gaps filled
AD&D 1e - heavily houseruled D&D
AD&D 2e - Diablo adaptation

Ignore the various later unrelated, shortlived spinoffs branded “D&D”.

Modules/adventures are only for stealing ideas from. If u actually run them, except maybe with heavy modification or a tournament context, you’re a fool. Modules are fundamentally incompatible with play of D&D, & largely responsible for its distortion, to better sell modules.

PC stats represent a PC’s genetic heritage, their innate capability - it should never be adjusted except by means of magic, unless you genuinely mean to transmogrify the character. +2 CHA is literally a new face, +2 INT higher IQ, not simply more knowledge.

Player Level (HD), increased through XP, is the abstraction of experience gained over time. No matter how much life experience you undergo, your stats - your inborn talent - won’t change; though high talen does result in increased rate of XP change - geniuses train faster.

Importance of the “Level Title” in adjucating non-mechanically defined “feats” is underappreciated. You must consider the difference of a HD1 “Veteran” Fighter vs a HD3 HERO in all interactions, in their image to NPC’s, in their ability to engage in their environment.

Nu-D&D’s “skill tests” are illogical knowing skills = innate ability. What they mean to test is trained experience, e.g. HD; represented by PC’s level title. Moving a boulder is not STR test, but TITLE test. Only a Hero, maybe DEMIGOD can move this, not mere veteran mercenary

The DM simulates a virtual world & translate player actions logically within it. Rolling is ONLY ever to 1. model randomness, 2. abstract chaotic complexity. Nu-skoolers use it a 3rd, WRONG, way: to fudge ambiguous DM adjudications, fundamentally misunderstanding the TTRPG.

You can’t easily estimate the many complex factors deciding if an arrow hits a target, so you roll, abstracting chaotic simulation. You can immediately know if a boulder of X properties can be moved by a PC with Y properties. No reason to roll, either it moves or it doesn’t.

WARNING: cannot confirm if unapproved, private congregations of men without government notice are still legal outside America. if you’re in the UK or EU, please check with your handlers before attempting D&D - I am NOT liable for any license violations.