This text is an accompaniment to Accessing “Golden Reality”, which covers a number of principles and practices which will guide the receptive mind to the cool, clear water of Ultimate Agency.


I primarily eat meat, mainly beef, lamb and white fish — but also duck, chicken, turkey. Otherwise I eat yoghurt, berries, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, seafood, and alliums (onion, garlic, etc), cream cheese, and hard cheese.

The purpose of optimal nutrition is that the body may weather any storm. With perfect harmony, a note of dissonance sounds all the sweeter. I believe that toxic fast food hormetically charges an optimally nourished body with chthonic vitality.


Eating meat is a moral responsibility. I buy rib eye, striploin and T-bone steaks — filet mignon overrated. I buy whole butterflied chicken, chicken hearts, thigh with bone, and lamb loin chops or roast. I buy strip steaks from the butcher on the way to the pool party and eat them raw in the uber. I buy tobiko roe in 500g boxes and eat it like cereal, or salmon roe in smaller portions until I find a plug for bulk-buying.

I almost never eat pork, except at asian restaurants: Korean thin-sliced pork neck or bulgogi, Chinese red pork or pork belly, and pork ramen. I eat biltong and other slow-dried meats often, and raw beef almost as often as cooked. Biltong is not the same as jerky — it is genuinely raw, and more delicious. At restaurants I order oysters, ceviche, steak tartare, olives, mussels. When I cook for guests, no matter what I cook, I just call it “roast beast”.

I take any opportunity to buy from halal butchers, and when I do I buy Xawaash spice mix, camel forequarter chops, and camel hump for stew. I dump a bag of chicken hearts in the slow cooker with quartered onions, potatoes, a head of garlic and a cup of bone broth. Girls hate this.


I cook in olive oil, butter, beef tallow, and duck fat — I do not use ghee. I also use coconut oil, but more for rubbing all over my body, oil pulling, or making ice cream than for cooking.


I eat meat with salt, pepper, rosemary, kimchi, rice, (black, white, but not brown), chickpea, cous cous, eggs, potato, sicilian olives, cream cheese. I buy cocktail potato, toss in salt, rosemary and duck fat, and bake, or slice and fry, mash and top with butter and cream cheese. I fry a steak in cast iron with olive oil and rosemary sprigs, finish with butter, and dump oils and juices onto black rice. The rosemary sprigs become delicate and crunchy. I cut up scallions with scissors.

I buy calf terrine/brawn/presswurst and eat with whole raw garlic cloves, wet Kombu and ginseng root. I eat lamb chops with cream cheese and sauerkraut.


I eat raw onion at any opportunity, and slice it thin to throw on top of meals. I also blend onions with water and cucumber, or hot bone broth and tomato. I have a glass cup for my blender. I chew a raw garlic clove with a gulp of milk most mornings. The most palatable way to eat industrial quantities of raw garlic is to mix with honey and greek yoghurt — At times I have eaten 3-4 heads of garlic in a day with this recipe.


I eat many blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, some oranges and mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, banana, figs and pear. Figs look like testicles, and are beneficial for the functioning of the testicles — such is the way with many foods. Sometimes I spend a few days eating nothing but apples, 10-15 per day (‘Apple Fasting’ came to me in a dream). I buy berries frozen — they spoil fast, so untrustworthy chemicals are used to keep them ‘fresh’.

I skin half a bag of oranges and a lemon with a knife (there is a technique to do this fast), then slice and eat by the bowl. Use peels to flavour a bottle of vodka, or just bake them before hosting guests to waft an aroma throughout the house. Oftentimes I feel incredible power from eating only meals with one ingredient — breakfast, lunch dinner: eggs, oranges, meat.

I soak dried goji berries in warm water and stir through rice with fried almonds, pumpkin seeds and cashews. This can pair well with whole butterflied roast chicken, or become a dessert with some milk and honey stirred through. I eat nata de coco, and banana eggs.

I buy wild Chinese peach resin from the Asian grocer and soak it in hot water overnight until it turns to jelly, and mix honey through it. Along with carrot consumption, this makes my skin beautiful and elastic. Peach resin contains much collagen and the aminos required to metabolise it — the most beautiful Chinese forty-year-old alive told me this in the year 2019. I didn’t believe her, but now I do.


I eat egg yolks raw, and a common breakfast is 4 egg yolks with olive oil, salt and pepper, or salmon roe, or tartare. I use whites to blend with milk and blueberries with honey and vanilla essence, or cinammon, honey and banana. I usually have at least 40-50 eggs in my kitchen at any time.


I do not eat many vegetables, but on occasion I do throw cucumber, carrot, capsicum, red onion and tomato into a food processor with lime and salt. Then I sometimes I eat with canned tuna and chili oil, or raw salmon, or kingfish ceviche. I fry white fish whole, and eat with rice and sambal mata, taro or yams. I also eat pumpkins, because they are orange — I make pumpkin soup.

I eat mushrooms with steak — I also boil many diced mushrooms with concentrated bone broth and spinach, sometimes cream. Mushroom soup. I order bone marrow or blood soup at any restaurant which serves it.


My supplementation outside of diet is essentially reducible to glycine and creatine. However, other consumables which are arguably supplements include pine pollen, ginseng, ginger, magnesium salts, and coffee.

I drink ginger juice with brown sugar, pulverised ginseng root, and mineral water. I put ginseng in coffee sometimes, and almost every day I drink between six and eighteen shots of black coffee from a percolator or french press. I eat many carrots, sometimes a kilogram per day. I sometimes take psyllium husk, and sometimes megadose potassium and magnesium via a disgusting concoction of epsom salts with water. Not sure what this does to me but I can’t leave the house for about four hours afterward.

I obsess over my diet, exercise, sleep and supplementation so that my body can handle the unforgivable abuse i do to it otherwise


When cutting I drink mineral water, coconut water, kombucha, and pickle juice. When bulking I drink full fat milk, kefir, ayran and pickle juice.


I drink single malt islay whisky (Laphroaig, Ardbeg), with a small glass of pickle juice, vodka with a pint of mineral water, dirty martinis, and cheap beer that homeless people drink. If I travel somewhere new I drink whatever beer I see homeless people drinking — If I find myself in a city where homeless people drink pre-mixes, I do not give them money.


After drinking I megadose glycine and drink coconut water, ayran, honey and blueberries. When badly hungover I often drink 500g of frozen blueberries blended with glycine, honey and milk over the course of a day (the [[Drink Recipes#Brain charger (blueberry smoothie)|Brain Charger]]). Sometimes I laze about in the sun with my friends, ordering Bloody Mary, orange juice, black coffee, pints of milk, as God hands us polaroid memories from the previous night. Other times I drink Ayran and wear loose-fit suit and sandals. The best cure for hangover is cold seawater.


Weights and More

In the gym I do overhead press with both barbell and dumbbell, pull-ups, incline dumbbell press, flyes, easy-bar pullovers, clean and press, deadlifts, forearm curls, shrugs, farmers’ walks, dips, pronated curls, cheat curls, russian twist, ab wheel, bike crunches, leg raises.

I sprint, kickbox, swim, wrestle, and do tai chi. I walk everywhere I can, and wear weighted vest when I can. Because of this, I am extremely interested in active-capable businesswear, and find the state of the art to be disappointing at present. I go into the garage and shut the roller door, turn on candle and incense, play Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sufi devotional chants, and go to town on the heavy bag with a bat. I do not ride a bicycle.

Physical Training as Entheogen

I do believe that physical training can and should be as ecstatic and entheogenic an experience as many narcotics of addiction. At times after hitting the heavy bag or stepping off the rowing machine I wonder if it’s even possible to return to everyday life at all after the transcendent rapture I have just undergone. Often during exercise abstract forms float and dance and warp before me, and at times the Veil of Maya is lifts entirely, and I find myself totally immersed in a surreal, abstract non-space.

I have always thought of my body as a steam train, with my soul sitting deep within the machinery feverishly shovelling coal into the belching furnace like mickey mouse, input of fuel directly transmuted to output of indomitable energy. Always I am barrelling forth faster, building Speed.

When I work out I don’t imagine I’m a warrior or an athlete; I imagine I’m a scorpionic Mayan bird demon, or an immortal chimera spirit dreamed up by an illiterate uncontacted tribe to explain some nightmarish maize-borne spinal parasite — I max out on a deadlift and see processions of naked bowl-cut cannibals with bones in their noses hacking each other up before their wordless, screeching, fork-tongued god. A friend of mine told me that he imagines himself as a giant brindled razorback hog kept in a dungeon beneath the castle stronghold, fed with slop and trash and unleashed only when the citadel is in dire peril. But that’s his thing.