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Accessing “Golden Reality”
03 Feb 2024
Why is my life is characterised by incredible physical and mental energy, shining sweetness of aura, profound emotion, and indomitable intellect? Whenever I consider this I trace it back to a runaway autocatalytic feedback loop formed between the same cluster of causes: rigorously curated menta...
Incredible Vitality Every Second of My Life
02 Feb 2024
This text is an accompaniment to Accessing “Golden Reality”, which covers a number of principles and practices which will guide the receptive mind to the cool, clear water of Ultimate Agency. Diet I primarily eat meat, mainly beef, lamb and white fish — but also duck, chicken, turkey. Otherwis...
Choosing Friends and Business Partners
13 Mar 2023
For reasons outlined elsewhere, one should not be surprised to see the ascendancy of forms of human self-organization refiguring capitalist incentive and governance structures, and animated by alternative localized mythologies combusting social energy into cultural and economic product. In othe...
Don’s Diets
19 Feb 2023
The POWER Diet Hearts Raw garlic and Onions Garlic and onion soup Onion juice Steak (marinated in onion juice) Blood Raw liver and organs Mushroom soup Bone marrow Black soup (Melas zomos) Pine pollen Ginseng coffee Deadlifts, Clean and press, Squats, Sprints, Python s...
Action Policy Arbitrage
02 Feb 2023
1. Preamble A. The state of a person’s life is the result of an accumulation of decisions. B. The decisions that a person makes form a pattern. C. From this pattern it is possible to derive an emergent policy of action (Action Policy). D. An Action Policy is the ruleset by which actions are g...
Young Prince’s Conceptual Toolkit
01 Dec 2022
Future topics Iterative optimisation Hormesis and Progressive Overload Manifestation/Prayer Antifragility Doctrine of the Diamond Heart Doctrine of the Pure Heart Piety Ascension Clarity Signs from God (Receptivity) Language Cage Living Proof Sea-Scrying and intuition T...
The Full-Stack Kitchen
03 Jul 2022
Devices Quail egg peeling machine (automatic better than manually operated) Garlic peeling machine (water peeler? dry peeler?) Slow cooker Crock pot Food dehydrator Bamboo steamer Cast iron griddled Cast iron flat Pot Rice cooker Fish Basket Charcoal grill We...
Herbs & Supplements
03 Jul 2022
Blue chip supplements: Creatine Glycine Garlic Ginger Ginseng Iodine Magnesium Pine pollen Probiotics Theanine Kelp Roe Oysters These are included in various combinations here Other approved supplements: Cacao Aspirin Niacin Magnesium Goji Berry Inter...
Underpinnings of the Exocore
16 Apr 2022
Digitally-Integrated Mind Palace Navigability Easy hyperlinking = frequent hyperlinking Memorability Hijacking and piggybacking on existing human mnemonic faculties Chernoff Faces Urbit Sigils [[Underpinnings of the Exocore...