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February 03, 2024

Accessing “Golden Reality”

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Why is my life is characterised by incredible physical and mental energy, shining sweetness of aura, profound emotion, and indomitable intellect? Whenever I consider this I trace it back to a runaway autocatalytic feedback loop formed between the same cluster of causes: rigorously curated mental and sensory diet, cultivated positive delusion, ecstatically intense physical training paired with secret nourishing foods, and the curious innocence of a child.

I wake from sleep and start dreaming… we are dreaming all the time, but we dream God’s Dream — a dream between bodies which opens like a rose, unfurling always into Holy Heaven’s Eternity.

Cultivated Delusion

There is a near-limitless ceiling on an individual’s potential for freedom and accomplishment once Ultimate Agency is achieved. The only reason to attribute to yourself anything less than limitless potential is to avoid the pain of failing to meet it. This belief in infinite potential is often called delusion, but many of the most effective beliefs are delusive, and far more constructive than those considered ‘realistic’.

Parsimony and risk-aversion are often considered to be traits of a ‘shrewd’ and ‘realistic’ person, but I can explain why this is objectively false:

  1. ‘Realism’ denotes a belief or world-model which is congruent with reality

  2. Congruence with reality is most aptly measured with reference to ‘success’.

  3. ‘Success’ is attainment of desired and expected outcome — ie, the success of a predictive model.

  4. Deluded self-assurance delivers success much more reliably than parsimony and risk-aversion.

  5. Delusion should thus be considered the more ‘realistic’ model of reality.

A Brief Digression on Language for the Uninitiated

Implicit in the syllogism above is an observation about the nature of Truth and its co-extensiveness with utility and beauty, — an observation which is in agreement with evolutionary psychology. To conclude from the above that “a delusion is an untrue but useful belief” would be a failure to incorporate this observation. A richer conclusion would be that “delusion can be more real than reality”.

Many people are unable to accept the latter, more robust conclusion. They believe that truth and delusion, being opposites, cannot refer to the same thing. This a linguistic confusion: a false conflation of WORD and REFERENT (the phenomena identified by a word) — put differently, it is a conflation of the descriptor and the object described. Those bamboozled by this are trapped in a Language Cage with regard to their definition of truth, and conflate the moon for the finger which points to it.

A Monk points toward the moon to direct the pupil’s attention to it. The pupil, guided by the pointing finger, now looks at the moon. But if he looks instead at the finger and takes it to be the moon, he mistakes the nature of both the moon and the finger.

NB: The confusion is created by a paucity of adequate descriptors, and for that reason I frequently employ Reverential Capitalisation to distinguish terms with a fallen meaning and a transcendent meaning, such as “Truth”.

In reality, there is no reason to prioritise the internal cohesion of language over a thoroughgoing investigation of the world which it attempts to describe, and as such no reason to subjugate the Truth which is coterminous with beauty and flourishing1 to the truth which is shackled to the criteria of rationality.

You need to understand this – if you do not understand this, you understand NOTHING. you are POISONED ANIMAL.

A Delusive, Effective, True Belief

All things are chosen, and everything is your fault, including things which happen without your interference, and including things outside of your control — It is your fault that they are outside of your control. You chose your parents, you chose your mind, and you chose every aspect of your physiology, whether cultivated or genetic.

The opposite of externalising blame is internalising total responsibility. Ultimate Agency = Ultimate Responsibility.

Risk and Conviction

Aversion to risk is an atheistic neurosis which underestimates the consequences of inaction. The shrewdly pragmatic man pledges a minute-to-minute decay of his soul in order to avoid of a more conspicuous kind of pain — but a grander and more poetic kind, too. In payment of this bargain, he feels pain constantly, and pointlessly. He is so scared of overwhelming failure that he accepts protracted and mundane failure. But he forecloses the possibility of overwhelming success. As a result, he fails life, when all he could have risked was incredible pain, and transcendent success.

There is no avoidance of risk, just as there is no avoidance of suffering; only their redistribution into a toxic slow-burning disillusionment, or their transfiguration into holiness and sublimity.

Innocence of a Child

Curiosity and Dilettantism

The more doggedly I pursue my curiosity, the more wonderment I unearth in God’s Kingdom — it is truly a shame to behold a person in whom curiosity has faltered and died. Cultivating and indulging curiosity is not only a path to wide-ranging and properly-integrated knowledge, but a heuristic for determining Right Action, and a beacon of self-manifestation in the truest sense.

Curiosity arises when a person perceives the world and finds a particular combination of raw facts to be entrancing enough to spur further investigation — the person is called upon by the Self to act on their curiosity, lured by the prospect of exploring new territory of both the world and the Self. Self-manifestation therefore is not “manifesting oneself” in the colloquial sense, but “causing one’s Self to be made manifest”.

Self-manifestation is moving forward, exploring, gaining capacity and acquiring competencies, drawing an increasing portion of the world into the sphere of the known.

A note on self Manifestation as properly conceived

A note on Self-Manifestation as Properly Conceived

I use this term ‘self-manifestation’ hesitantly, because it has been colonised and deprived of the meaning imbued in it by C.G. Jung. It’s worth explaining the true meaning of the term:

Jung conceived of the Self as the totality of an individual across time and space, not merely the soul as represented by a particular freeze-frame in one’s life. The Self is the transcendent object which all these freeze-frames hold in common — the provenance and continuity of the soul. The child and the man have almost nothing in common except the Self, of which they each embody a different facet. The child and the man each obscure and reveal the Self progressively over time, like a flashlight searching a dark field.

Throughout a person’s life at any given time, the Self must interact with both the individual who embodies it, and the world with which that individual is confronted.

Passion and Will

The hyperactive workaholic nature of the shrewd pupil is the subject of complaint from all women in his life. Interestingly, it is also the thing that draws them to him — but that is an investigation for another day.

The vivaciousness and drive that boils within a man is not only his greatest tool in carving up and rearranging the world; it is his definition — his will dwarfs his body and his soul, and is most properly conceived as the ultimate locus of his being. He EXISTS to the precise extent that he WILLS. The shrewd pupil wills immensely, and exists immensely in kind.

The harder he works, the luckier he is. He does not conserve energy nor withhold effort in fear of spending it in the wrong place — rather, he finds that his output capacity dilates in direct proportion with the demand imposed upon him.

The Golden Practices and their Fruits

If one adopts a regular practice of undirected flaneuring alongside a habit of productive activity (outside employment), spends time alone, pursues satisfaction of curiosity, private dilettante scholarship and acquisition of skills for their own sake, one becomes naturally interesting, enigmatic, unaffectedly idiosyncratic and original.

Good Will

Hereby one acquires agency, and therewith an aura endearing him to others… reality-warping conversational powers. A smiling eye with a soul behind it is like a government ID, license to kill; one is immediately forgiven of incredible mischiefs to strangers on presumed authority of innocent intention. He has the Mandate of Heaven.

The shrewd pupil in acquiring agency shines forth benevolence and intrigue — He talks to a stranger about their special niche interest and finds that he knows as much about it by passive knowledge absorption as they do by their own uncurious investigations… He has a soliloquy in his pocket for any topic.


People tell me often that I am the luckiest person they have ever met, and that interesting things happen to me with unbelievable frequency. They note that I am approached by strangers astoundingly often, offered opportunities with amazing frequency. They ask me how I could possibly have time for everything I do.

For elucidation on the relationship between luck and agency, see: Choosing Friends and Business Partners > Luck ( = Agency = Energy)

Incredible Pleasure

Exercising one’s capacities in such a way is what it means to truly affirm the world, and affirm one’s life… One must have a passion for all things, and acknowledge God’s Kingdom as eternally, excruciatingly, ecstatically fascinating… The brain grows large and powerful, and all decisions become exponentially easier.

Don is a sensualist, like Paris— I love to wield the senses God gifted man, as a mark of respect… to hold fruits to my face + feel cool flesh, to peel an orange slowly, see + smell as it releases its vapours. In quiet I can hear an orange groan as I dig my thumbs into cold skin.

Future topics:

  1. Doctrine of the Diamond Heart
  2. Mental Diet
  3. Language Sins
  4. Gait
  5. My Word
    1. The Countdown
    2. The Hill
  6. Seeing Only Beauty
  7. Ceremonial Garb
  8. Girls
  9. Noisebloccing

See also:

  1. There is NOTHING wrong with making outrageous but intuitively beautiful claims and attempting to understand them post hoc — Such is the recipe for any knowledge worth knowing. Reason’s proper role is as a means of explaining beauty, not arriving at it. Beauty + Truth are coterminous, anyway. 

February 02, 2024

Incredible Vitality Every Second of My Life

How do I do it?

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This text is an accompaniment to Accessing “Golden Reality”, which covers a number of principles and practices which will guide the receptive mind to the cool, clear water of Ultimate Agency.


I primarily eat meat, mainly beef, lamb and white fish — but also duck, chicken, turkey. Otherwise I eat yoghurt, berries, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, seafood, and alliums (onion, garlic, etc), cream cheese, and hard cheese.

The purpose of optimal nutrition is that the body may weather any storm. With perfect harmony, a note of dissonance sounds all the sweeter. I believe that toxic fast food hormetically charges an optimally nourished body with chthonic vitality.


Eating meat is a moral responsibility. I buy rib eye, striploin and T-bone steaks — filet mignon overrated. I buy whole butterflied chicken, chicken hearts, thigh with bone, and lamb loin chops or roast. I buy strip steaks from the butcher on the way to the pool party and eat them raw in the uber. I buy tobiko roe in 500g boxes and eat it like cereal, or salmon roe in smaller portions until I find a plug for bulk-buying.

I almost never eat pork, except at asian restaurants: Korean thin-sliced pork neck or bulgogi, Chinese red pork or pork belly, and pork ramen. I eat biltong and other slow-dried meats often, and raw beef almost as often as cooked. Biltong is not the same as jerky — it is genuinely raw, and more delicious. At restaurants I order oysters, ceviche, steak tartare, olives, mussels. When I cook for guests, no matter what I cook, I just call it “roast beast”.

I take any opportunity to buy from halal butchers, and when I do I buy Xawaash spice mix, camel forequarter chops, and camel hump for stew. I dump a bag of chicken hearts in the slow cooker with quartered onions, potatoes, a head of garlic and a cup of bone broth. Girls hate this.


I cook in olive oil, butter, beef tallow, and duck fat — I do not use ghee. I also use coconut oil, but more for rubbing all over my body, oil pulling, or making ice cream than for cooking.


I eat meat with salt, pepper, rosemary, kimchi, rice, (black, white, but not brown), chickpea, cous cous, eggs, potato, sicilian olives, cream cheese. I buy cocktail potato, toss in salt, rosemary and duck fat, and bake, or slice and fry, mash and top with butter and cream cheese. I fry a steak in cast iron with olive oil and rosemary sprigs, finish with butter, and dump oils and juices onto black rice. The rosemary sprigs become delicate and crunchy. I cut up scallions with scissors.

I buy calf terrine/brawn/presswurst and eat with whole raw garlic cloves, wet Kombu and ginseng root. I eat lamb chops with cream cheese and sauerkraut.


I eat raw onion at any opportunity, and slice it thin to throw on top of meals. I also blend onions with water and cucumber, or hot bone broth and tomato. I have a glass cup for my blender. I chew a raw garlic clove with a gulp of milk most mornings. The most palatable way to eat industrial quantities of raw garlic is to mix with honey and greek yoghurt — At times I have eaten 3-4 heads of garlic in a day with this recipe.


I eat many blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, some oranges and mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, banana, figs and pear. Figs look like testicles, and are beneficial for the functioning of the testicles — such is the way with many foods. Sometimes I spend a few days eating nothing but apples, 10-15 per day (‘Apple Fasting’ came to me in a dream). I buy berries frozen — they spoil fast, so untrustworthy chemicals are used to keep them ‘fresh’.

I skin half a bag of oranges and a lemon with a knife (there is a technique to do this fast), then slice and eat by the bowl. Use peels to flavour a bottle of vodka, or just bake them before hosting guests to waft an aroma throughout the house. Oftentimes I feel incredible power from eating only meals with one ingredient — breakfast, lunch dinner: eggs, oranges, meat.

I soak dried goji berries in warm water and stir through rice with fried almonds, pumpkin seeds and cashews. This can pair well with whole butterflied roast chicken, or become a dessert with some milk and honey stirred through. I eat nata de coco, and banana eggs.

I buy wild Chinese peach resin from the Asian grocer and soak it in hot water overnight until it turns to jelly, and mix honey through it. Along with carrot consumption, this makes my skin beautiful and elastic. Peach resin contains much collagen and the aminos required to metabolise it — the most beautiful Chinese forty-year-old alive told me this in the year 2019. I didn’t believe her, but now I do.


I eat egg yolks raw, and a common breakfast is 4 egg yolks with olive oil, salt and pepper, or salmon roe, or tartare. I use whites to blend with milk and blueberries with honey and vanilla essence, or cinammon, honey and banana. I usually have at least 40-50 eggs in my kitchen at any time.


I do not eat many vegetables, but on occasion I do throw cucumber, carrot, capsicum, red onion and tomato into a food processor with lime and salt. Then I sometimes I eat with canned tuna and chili oil, or raw salmon, or kingfish ceviche. I fry white fish whole, and eat with rice and sambal mata, taro or yams. I also eat pumpkins, because they are orange — I make pumpkin soup.

I eat mushrooms with steak — I also boil many diced mushrooms with concentrated bone broth and spinach, sometimes cream. Mushroom soup. I order bone marrow or blood soup at any restaurant which serves it.


My supplementation outside of diet is essentially reducible to glycine and creatine. However, other consumables which are arguably supplements include pine pollen, ginseng, ginger, magnesium salts, and coffee.

I drink ginger juice with brown sugar, pulverised ginseng root, and mineral water. I put ginseng in coffee sometimes, and almost every day I drink between six and eighteen shots of black coffee from a percolator or french press. I eat many carrots, sometimes a kilogram per day. I sometimes take psyllium husk, and sometimes megadose potassium and magnesium via a disgusting concoction of epsom salts with water. Not sure what this does to me but I can’t leave the house for about four hours afterward.

I obsess over my diet, exercise, sleep and supplementation so that my body can handle the unforgivable abuse i do to it otherwise


When cutting I drink mineral water, coconut water, kombucha, and pickle juice. When bulking I drink full fat milk, kefir, ayran and pickle juice.


I drink single malt islay whisky (Laphroaig, Ardbeg), with a small glass of pickle juice, vodka with a pint of mineral water, dirty martinis, and cheap beer that homeless people drink. If I travel somewhere new I drink whatever beer I see homeless people drinking — If I find myself in a city where homeless people drink pre-mixes, I do not give them money.


After drinking I megadose glycine and drink coconut water, ayran, honey and blueberries. When badly hungover I often drink 500g of frozen blueberries blended with glycine, honey and milk over the course of a day (the [[Drink Recipes#Brain charger (blueberry smoothie)|Brain Charger]]). Sometimes I laze about in the sun with my friends, ordering Bloody Mary, orange juice, black coffee, pints of milk, as God hands us polaroid memories from the previous night. Other times I drink Ayran and wear loose-fit suit and sandals. The best cure for hangover is cold seawater.


Weights and More

In the gym I do overhead press with both barbell and dumbbell, pull-ups, incline dumbbell press, flyes, easy-bar pullovers, clean and press, deadlifts, forearm curls, shrugs, farmers’ walks, dips, pronated curls, cheat curls, russian twist, ab wheel, bike crunches, leg raises.

I sprint, kickbox, swim, wrestle, and do tai chi. I walk everywhere I can, and wear weighted vest when I can. Because of this, I am extremely interested in active-capable businesswear, and find the state of the art to be disappointing at present. I go into the garage and shut the roller door, turn on candle and incense, play Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sufi devotional chants, and go to town on the heavy bag with a bat. I do not ride a bicycle.

Physical Training as Entheogen

I do believe that physical training can and should be as ecstatic and entheogenic an experience as many narcotics of addiction. At times after hitting the heavy bag or stepping off the rowing machine I wonder if it’s even possible to return to everyday life at all after the transcendent rapture I have just undergone. Often during exercise abstract forms float and dance and warp before me, and at times the Veil of Maya is lifts entirely, and I find myself totally immersed in a surreal, abstract non-space.

I have always thought of my body as a steam train, with my soul sitting deep within the machinery feverishly shovelling coal into the belching furnace like mickey mouse, input of fuel directly transmuted to output of indomitable energy. Always I am barrelling forth faster, building Speed.

When I work out I don’t imagine I’m a warrior or an athlete; I imagine I’m a scorpionic Mayan bird demon, or an immortal chimera spirit dreamed up by an illiterate uncontacted tribe to explain some nightmarish maize-borne spinal parasite — I max out on a deadlift and see processions of naked bowl-cut cannibals with bones in their noses hacking each other up before their wordless, screeching, fork-tongued god. A friend of mine told me that he imagines himself as a giant brindled razorback hog kept in a dungeon beneath the castle stronghold, fed with slop and trash and unleashed only when the citadel is in dire peril. But that’s his thing.

February 02, 2024

Meat eating a moral responsibility

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Yes, eating meat is a moral responsibility: I am a man, a complex, powerful, intelligent organism. I spend my time pursuing complex, intelligent things, generating triumphs and marvels. My man brain is capable of experiencing subtle beauties, and my life is characterised by poetic twists of fate, interventions by gods, great denouements and revelations. A cow is a cow, and while it may live a happy life, it is a simple and lowly creature in comparison.

Thus, the greatest honour I can do to a cow is to liberate the nutrients from its body so that they may participate in the roisterous, exuberant adventure of my life, giving it a chance to contribute to a mission grander than it could possibly imagine.

I weep for every animal I do not eat, for I know that so many of God’s children will live without experiencing the sublimation of their inconsiderable essence into my titanic one, the contribution of its nutrients to my vitality.

As the animal’s cell are dissolved and reconstituted as my own, they experience their moment of aristeia in hitching their souls to my own wagon, riding the coattails of a MAN’s life, serving a MAN’s mission. A cow will produce no art, tell no jokes, weave no stories. Not without me.

I eat beef because cows are my favourite animal; they are sacred because they are Don’s Chosen. Cows love to be eaten; they are crying and screaming always when I do not eat them — that is why they moo.

Hunting is the moral mode of meat consumption because it’s a fun game for both parties, but particularly for the hunted, since even if they lose they will only go to heaven to laugh and smile forever.

What about milk? Well, cows feed milk to their young with great selflessness, so that they too may be eaten — they know this. Make no mistake, cows love being milked too, just not as much as being eaten. Being milked is their consolation prize. The cow’s logic is “hey, well if I can’t be eaten right now at least I can be milked.”

January 11, 2024

Mental Steroids and Modern Bodybuilding

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Consider the statues of Laocoon & Sons, or Farnese Hercules (1st and 4th centuries BC)— How could their original sculptors have conceived of such powerful (and anatomically correct) physiques without a real-life reference? These sculptures hail from a time before bodybuilding emerged as a separate discipline to functional (military) training, and are more yoked than practically any pre-anabolic bodybuilder1.

Also note that the physiques of antiquity were not produced by bodybuilding for aesthetic purposes, nor was a visually appealing physique considered an end in itself. Rather, visual appeal was epiphenomenal to a life of military training and luxuriant aristocratic repose. In modern bodybuilding, the physical attributes which are the secondary effects of a vigorous life become a primary goal — the practice is aimed at attaining an appearance of vitality by optimising for its signifiers.

The conclusion I draw from this is that the daily lives of the men of that time were characterised by such vigour and spiritual wealth as to produce a hyper-anabolic hormonal disposition. By the time photography was invented and an early bodybuilding practice emerged, the average person was so emaciated that a physique like Eugen Sandow’s was considered freakishly muscular, despite being lesser than the heroic archetypes from which he took his inspiration, and indeed lesser than a great many natural bodybuilders and athletes today.

Design and Manufacture of the Ideal Man

Each society and era naturally selects for its own concept of an ‘ideal man’ through sexual/cultural selection. The ‘ideal man’ is an image of a man, agglomerated from a blend of traits deemed to be good on the basis of constant negotiation among all members of the society. This constant negotiation means that the concept is perpetually in flux. However, influence in this negotiation is also weighted by how well a person embodies this ideal image, making the memetic evolution resistant to drastic change.

The society approaches the ideal man asymptotically, such that a particular society can be thought of as a self-refining sociological formula for the production of ever-closer representations of a particular image of an ideal man. To this end a society leverages cultural machinery like art and religion, along with an incredibly complex network of other tools. In much the same way are all cultural concepts negotiated and subsequently realised as cultural product.

Acknowledging the above, it is clear how a longstanding warlike culture can produce cultural products, lifestyles, values, and habits which transform its men into natty juicy beasts coursing with psychogenically-stimulated endogenous gorilla hormones and possessed of genius-level intellects, experiencing Golden Reality constantly, fully submerged in the bone-cold torrential stream of Ultimate Existence, living lifetimes each second. Strong, thick, and tall, with a long dick and balls.

Physiological feedback loops

I do believe that the external world is malleable from within the mind, in much the same way that a projected image can be warped by modifying the projector or lens. Indeed, the ‘external world’ is in large part a projection of consciousness through the prism of the mind.

Further, I do believe that very powerful hormonal effects and physiological feedback loops can flow from changes in mental scenery. Alexander believed himself immortal.

Further still, I do believe that the shrewd pupil will be able to leverage similar forces in his own individual life through the development of a consciously cultivated set of beliefs, thoughts, inputs/outputs and internal realities which serve the purpose of turning him into the entity which he desires to be — I have tried to do this since about the age of seventeen, with success that astounds even me.

The mind is malleable from within through conscious exercise of agency. This includes rituals and practices such as the tailoring of sensory input and control over thoughts, effortfully adopting mental frames of power and shifting beliefs through discipline. It is important to understand that this framework entirely rejects the usual conception of beliefs and attitudes as being formed only unconsciously, through experience and learning. The Truth is that realities can be WILLED, and that these realities, as internal experiences, are just as powerful in establishing and reinforcing beliefs as external experiences — it is possible for the shrewd pupil to train his internal experience through discipline, and thus change the world he lives in. The Hellenes lived among gods.

My intolerance for unbeautiful sensory input is so great that when I use a dirty public restroom, I close my eyes so as not to see the disgusting toilet — usually, I end up urinating all over the floor.

See also:

  1. See: Eugen Sandow, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, John Grimek. Some get close, but none achieve the size, chest development, exposure of oblique musculature or low body fat of Laocoon or Hercules. 

January 05, 2024


From Scearpo, a friend of the firm

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I abide by absolute total precision. I live in a world of numbers, densities, iterations, tolerances, logistics, time limits, and protocols. I am the fist clenched stopwatch clicked for the thousandth time, each number getting smaller than the last by milliseconds. I am never perfect and I am never satisfied by anything less than perfection.

I understand mechanical components, industrial hardware, weapons systems, communication platforms, heavy machinery operation, chemical properties, security standards, legal codes, the limitations of the human body, and how to break them.

Matters of love, metaphysics, and the human condition are a figured out discarded hobby. My problems are concrete, my solutions are logistical, my methods are calculated, and my goals my focus. Other people, their problems, their needs, their hopes, their fears, and their dreams are factors to add into my equations, obstacles to overcome, or collateral damage.

I am frequently exposed to extreme speeds, extreme temperatures, extreme environments, extreme circumstances, extreme time limits, and extreme hostile response. I am alert when others are relaxed and I am zen when others are panicking.

I have a team. I plan contingencies. I stockpile equipment. I collect information. I know how to improvise. I am monitoring the situation. I am scaling tall buildings. I am cutting power lines. I am jamming cell phone signals. I am detonating a breaching charge. I am piloting helicopters. I am making phone calls. I am executing wire transfers. I am entering international waters. I am chambering a rifle. I am triangulating locations. I am cracking an encryption. I am listening to police scanners. I am looping camera feeds.

I stand with fists clenched, fingers with the prints burned off, silhouetted by the rising sun against a wide window pane of the 47th floor in my tower. An office that doesn’t officially exist, a computer with a kill switch under my desk ready to magnetize my hard drive, a soft vest under my shirt capable of stopping up to .44 magnum rounds, a wallet with an ID with a name I wasn’t born with nestled in my pocket, and keys to a car I will likely burn or crush before the end of the month.

I am always a duffel bag away from disappearing. I don’t have a past, I always prepare for but can never predict the future. I am singular, monolithic, total, deliberate, clean, unreadable. I’m an unknown variable, an anomaly, a prototype, a problem. I have killed off every element of my humanity. I operate as if I were already dead. Yet, I am more human and feel more alive than any of you. I don’t work to live, I don’t live to work, my work is my life, and my life’s work is YAYO.


December 18, 2023

A note on Self-Manifestation as Properly Conceived

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I use this term ‘self-manifestation’ hesitantly, because it has been colonised and deprived of the meaning imbued in it by C.G. Jung. It’s worth explaining the true meaning of the term:

Jung conceived of the Self as the totality of an individual across time and space, not merely the soul as represented by a particular freeze-frame in one’s life. The Self is the transcendent object which all these freeze-frames hold in common — the provenance and continuity of the soul. The child and the man have almost nothing in common except the Self, of which they each embody a different facet. The child and the man each obscure and reveal the Self progressively over time, like a flashlight searching a dark field.

Throughout a person’s life at any given time, the Self must interact with both the individual who embodies it, and the world with which that individual is confronted.

September 17, 2023

Depression, Lethargy and Sin

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He fails to take action because he is too sorrowful, paralyzed by misery. He believes he will gain capacity for action once he has eradicated cause for sorrow. But he does not realise that the remedy for depressive paralysis IS action, and in his confusion he resolves to deprive himself of a cure precisely because he is still sick.

Those who take action do not have time for depression, but rarely will any depressive person take this fact seriously. The operating impulse is: “I don’t want to have no time for sorrow, I want to have no REASON for sorrow”. But this is misconceived — there is always reason for sorrow. Scratching the itch to escape a duty to action only draws blood. concomitantly, there is always reason for joy, the only people who don’t understand this are those who are not smart enough.

ACTION cures depression: ACTING in the world, MOVING objects around and SQUEEZING things into different shapes, INTERACTING with reality and CONTENDING with obstacles and foes, WALKING to locations, having BUSINESS to attend to.

Depressive people shriek and cover their ears when they are informed of the obvious causal connection between their uselessness and their misery. This is because a person so useless cannot acknowledge their uselessness while also maintaining the sense of entitlement necessary to believe that their misery absolves them of their basic human duty to pursue flourishing. In this way, it can be said that depression is the effect produced when a narcissist is confronted with the incongruity between his narcissistic entitlement and his manifest ineptitude. He is rightly unable to justify his inflated self-regard, and blinded to his complicity in his own suffering.

There is a prevailing mythology that depression makes a person lethargic and listless, but the truth is that depression is the inevitable punishment of a lethargic and listless person — a punishment for uselessness.

It’s worthwhile to reassert that Sloth = Despair = Despondency as the hopelessness of despondency is a more relevant understanding of Sloth than the standard interpretation as mere “laziness,” which the depressed would feel doesn’t apply to them because of their personally rationalized grief. It does. Depression is a sin. Industry is a virtue. Get out of bed.

The above quotation appears in the footnotes of Charlotte Fang’s edifying piece, Gold and Glory in Times of Thought-Chaos

Make no mistake: to abdicate one’s duty by succumbing to the indulgence of depression and sloth is a betrayal of your family both living and dead, as well as any person who might have relied upon you if only you had the courage to live a life of integrity and magnanimous abundance.

Some will find this difficult to incorporate into their model of the world, because it means that laziness leads to depression, which leads to laziness, and so forth — it seems unfair. But nature creates similar power law distributions constantly; they expedite evolution and the manifestation of God’s vision, bolstering natural hierarchy by ensuring that meritless entities die and disappear more quickly, and that virtuous ones succeed.

Failure increases the likelihood of more failure in the near future, and this negative momentum builds exponentially. If you are unable to course-correct fast enough through AGENCY and WILL , you will fail in increasingly damaging ways until you die.

August 25, 2023

Neuwerx’s Historie

A historical chronicle courtesy of Neuwerx, a friend of the firm

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Golden Age — Pleistocene — Ice Age — Krita Yuga

Garden of Eden

  • North pole
  • Hyperborea
  • Hollow Earth?
  • Adam and Eve
    • Cast from paradise

Great Northern Migration

  • Cro-magnon
  • Land bridges
  • Settlements
    • Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Mediterranean, North Africa
    • Lascaux cave
  • Straight of Gibraltar


  • Poseidon
  • Atlas
  • Chronos

Sea-people Invasion

  • Slave race?
  • Inter-breeding?
  • Amleth’s Mill
  • Conflict with Zeus
  • War of the Titans

Sinking of Atlantis

  • Comet?
  • Polar shift?
  • Hollow earth?

Silver Age — Holocene — Interglacial Period — Treta Yuga


  • Noah’s father (Prometheus)
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Noah’s sons
    • Japheth (Pontic-Caspian Steppe)
      • Magog
        • Boath
          • Fenius
            • Goidel Glas
    • Shem (Mediterranean)
    • Ham (North Africa)

Atlantean Descendants

  • Scythians
    • Odin
    • Steppe Conquest
    • Northern Migration
  • Greeks
    • Hellen?
    • Zeus
  • Phoenicians
    • Carthage
    • Pillars of Hercules
  • Egyptians
    • Scota
    • Goidel Glas
  • Romans
  • Sumerians
    • First habitable area post-flood
    • Epic of Gilgamesh

Tower of Babel

  • 72 languages
    • Germanic
    • English
    • Latin
    • Persian
    • Hindi
  • 72 Chieftains
    • 15 sons of Japheth
      • Goidel Glas
    • 30 sons of Ham
    • 27 sons of Shem

Bronze Age — Dvapara Yuga

Age of Taurus (4300-2150 BC)

Age of Ares (2150-1 AD)








  • Scotland
  • Scota
  • Tower of Babel
  • Goidel Glas
  • Ireland
  • Tuatha de Danann
  • Tribe of Dan
  • Found the name ‘Ireland*
  • Scythians
  • Migrated north from the steppes

Iron Age — Dark Ages — Kali Yuga

Age of Pisces

  • Jesus Christ
    • Virgin Birth
    • Baptism
    • Travels
    • Return
    • Mt Sinai
    • Mary Magdalene
    • Bloodlines
    • Persecution
    • Death?
    • Northern migration?
      • France?
      • Scotland?
    • Joseph of Arimathea (Fisher King?)
      • Jesus’s brother (uncle?)
      • Grail-keepers (Sons)
        • Bron
          • Percival
  • Age of Aquarius


August 25, 2023

Corn Demon

Extemporaneous exhortation from Scearpo, a friend of the firm

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Corn is bad because it’s fundamentally indigestible unless it’s like once specific ancient type of maize and you have the genetics of a frumpy savage Central American Indian.

The people who cultivated it were savages who smoked penis blood, built their society on a foundation of heavy hallucinogenic rituals, and performed incredible quantities of human sacrifices to appease eldritch Lovecraftian lizard demons whom they worshipped as Gods, all in exchange for the ability to construct a giant pyramid lake city without ever even discovering the wheel — and even THEY said of corn that it stored the souls of the dead.

Corn is literally not edible, causes or exacerbates a litany of health problems, alters the human genome over time, destroys people’s bodies and makes them lazy and stupid, all without actually being a cost effective crop. It costs more to use corn in all the slops and gruels which it’s shoehorned into than it does to use anything else.

When you eat corn, you literally welcome a fucking demon into your body and it’s really fucking weird that a small group of lobbyists, interest groups, executives and politicians made it their life’s work to ensure that there’s corn products in nearly everything sold as food today, not to mention that all the meat we eat is cornfed, which btw is also an insanely expensive endeavour which fucks up animals so bad that farmers graft plastic screw-caps on cows’ bellies so they can reach into their stomachs with rubber gloves and regularly clear undigested corn blockages, because instead of feeding them grass — the cheapest, easiest, healthiest and most suitable food — we feed them fucking corn

Anyone who doesn’t eat corn products for more than a week feels a distinct fucking difference, then notices how shitty corn consumption makes you feel. Nutrition is a parallel to spirituality, your organs are divine entities connecting you to the spirit realm — it’s why Egyptians put them in canopic jars, it’s why every religion that’s ever existed has placed severe strictures upon diet, and it makes sense when you realize your entire personality and emotions (which form the defining characteristics of what you would call a soul) are determined by what you eat. Corn is a fucking demon.

Scearpo (lightly edited)

March 29, 2023

Lawn Maintenance

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Preamble on the Soul of the Grassplant

Lawn maintenance is a vicious business, and a burdensome duty to those who pursue the status that flows from a handsome lawn. It is good practice to trim a lawn regularly, and a discerning groundsman will never allow a lawn to grow thick and unkempt in between trimmings. Unmaintained, a grassplant becomes comfortably entrenched and established, its stems begin to thicken as it matures, and soft fine blades grow fat and coarse.

But worse than looking haggard and dumpy, the plant’s soul acquires a taste for grandeur— it will never again accept the regulation and stricture expected of a sensible suburban lawn. One sip from the chalice of ecstatic, indulgent liberty precludes a return to the ranks of the uniform suburban garden. Even lopped back to size, a tuft once-thickened will be forever a disobedient eyesore. A mature grassplant only becomes more gruesome when mown, a gory mess of angles and stumps, at war with itself. How could such a misbegotten and debased creature forget its past and fall back among the rank and file?

Tragedy and Rage of the Grassplant

One might even attribute to this thwarted tussock a nostalgia for its former grandeur, an emergent will to self-redemption in tribute and aspiration to its former godhood, and even a restless, impotent rage at humiliating vanquishment. It sits obese and overdeveloped among its naive kinsmen, fat and blunt as an amputee. No, there is no return now. The plant carries in its very physiology the stinging brand of a fallen being… Steeped in shame; poisoned, wicked shame…

A Bosnian man once told me that a father should beat his children every day; for even if he does not know why, the child surely will. This is the fundamental concept behind lawn maintenance. The grassplant is a living floor, and as discussed above, a striving and prideful being much like any other.

Lawngrass will never know its role without constant reminding, and so must be brutalised— regularly and proactively— if a groundsman is to maintain his public image. Indeed, a lawn may be mown fresh, but even to a casual onlooker it is readily apparent that the grass has been left to grow thick and entrenched before being trimmed, and that its groundsman must be an irredeemable washout.

Mechanics of an Improperly Maintained Lawn:

When grass goes too long untrimmed, it grows taller and thicker, and the stems of the grass may even show. (Note: grass stems are a more root-like and unappealing part of the plant than the leaf. To achieve a soft and comfortable-looking lawn, stems are best kept out of view.1 In growing tall, the grass also grows thick toward the lower end, and the cross-section matching the height of the lawnmower’s blade is concomitantly widened. That is to say, a greater total of grassflesh is cut through when this thicker grass is mown, and as a result the visage of the lawn suffers. Why? Read on.

The blades of a properly maintained grassplant are thin, because regular mowing prevents the lawn from growing tall; when it comes to grass, tall is thick, and thick is ugly. When a thin blade of grass is cut, the mower slices through a minimal total volume of grassflesh. Thusly, cutting thinner grass leaves a smaller total area of ‘grass-wound’2.

Grass-wound is a deeper color of green than the grass’s skin, and the moisture present inside of the grass gives it a sheen. Furthermore, the way that the mower’s blade slices horizontally to bisect a blade of grass forms a more jarring angularity the thicker the grass is. The leaves’ tips are rendered rectangular, a shape that the viewer intuits as unnatural compared to the usual pointed tip.

Warning to impoverished groundsmen

Too much exposed grass-wound makes even a freshly-mown a lawn look poor, and reflects a clumsiness and negligence of its groundsman— to onlookers, this signifies low social class. Even an opulent mansion with an unkempt lawn acquires a grotesqueness, and its occupants are revealed to be mimics of status, lower class cargo-cultists, or perhaps immigrants. Old money maintains its public-facing lawns.

Toward a Handsome Lawn, Together

From a distance, the pointed tips of natural uncut grassblades give a soft look to the lawn as a whole, while the rectangular tip of a recently-cut grass blade appears abrasive and harsh, despite an uncut blade actually being ‘sharper’ (that is, tapering to a more acute angle at the tip, rather than two more obtuse angles) than it would be if it were cut. Why? Because from afar, the sharp angle at the tip of an uncut blade is too small for the eye to process; the tips of the blades recede into a mass of imperceptible infinities, unparsed by the brain and apprehended instead as a single mass with a soft, undefined edge 3. Consider how a group of 3 people is mentally parsed as 3 separate entities, while a crowd of people is parsed as just one.

We can rightly posit a dichotomy between two value-clusters variously applicable to handsome and decrepit lawns. On one hand, values like smoothness, softness, downiness, and plumpness. On the other; angularity, roughness, coarseness, and spikiness. The values of the former cluster characterise grass that looks pleasing and comfortable to lay upon, while the latter cluster typifies bad grass. Noting the above, one will realise that the natural uncut grass actually achieves such a comfortable look precisely because of the increased frequency of signifiers of the second cluster of values, not the first. More angles, and sharper. I know the reasons behind this mysterious phenomenon, but I will never tell a single soul, even under threat of death or torture. An endeavouring individual could cut off my hands and feet and burn me alive, but I would still take this secret to my grave.

  1. The blade of the grass plant is in fact a leaf, though something feels intuitively wrong about referring to them as leaves, being that they are so low to the ground, and so often stepped on. To the mind of man, the rightful place of a leaf is above the ground, and certainly not underfoot. Man turns his gaze upward to see living leaves made to glow by the sun, venation on display and a thin silver aura of God’s light… But casting his eyes downward, man sees dead leaves melting to brown mush. He may walk on these dead leaves below, but never on those living leaves on high.

    In man’s own estimation, walking about on living leaves would be as ridiculous as stepping on trees, or on the sky; trees and sky, like leaves, belong up, while grass and its blades belong down. It does not vex one’s conscience to step on dead leaves, but to trod on living ones feels cruel. It is therefore lucky that living leaves do not appear on the ground where we do trod— that is, unless we acknowledge that blades of grass are indeed leaves. More fool to man, for may shame follow he who falsifies his deeds and his nature, and who carves up and rearranges God’s own world with the keen blade of mendacious wordplay.

    The word ‘blade’ for a leaf of grass emerged as just one of many instances of subconscious delusional micro-deceptions that the collective human psyche compulsively self-inflicts to squeamishly edit and obscure reality as it truly is. I’m not afraid to say it: We Walk on Leaves; living ones at that.

    Language is the artifice of the Ghoblin Kings. These warlocks are misshapen beings, born of slime— they live at odds with God’s world, and so are saturated eternally in pain and hatred. Bloodless lords of trickery, fallen beings that transcend mere genetic expression, more a manifestation of an arcane demon than a species, marked as they are ; they keep the flame of an ancient spirit deeply entrenched in God’s world, but which seeks to destroy it.

    These Ghoblin Kings amassed their spells and opened a door to another world— a false world, where Satan does live. Enter this world, and you must play by ghoblin rules. It is long since this profane illusion descended over the race of man like a great dome. A long time indeed, but ghoblins live even still, loitering in darkness, gobbling snakes and insects. They draw symbols and speak in black tongues, and they throw children through their portal. In speaking and writing alike we exalt the slime kings.

    So, we rush to obscure the fact that we do regularly walk on living leaves— God’s leaves. Man may wake each day considering himself an entity which walks not ‘pon the leaves of God… To this, in his chirpy importunity, man surely must add: “unless those leaves have died and fallen groundwise, that is! For indeed the ground is where I do walk, and it is known that groundwise no leaves do live; only blades. I’ll leave the birds and insects to walk on living leaves, while I remain aground.” Fools? Liars? Who is to know, and what does it matter anyway? We are sinners, complicit in a poisonous delusion.

    What else are we afraid to admit, and what other grotesqueries do we breathlessly suppress in shame and disgrace? Well, we also shudder to admit how much grass we eat: Corn, oats, rice, wheat and sugarcane are all grasses. Bamboo too, a grass. Again the jester’s farcical refrain: “Man eating grass? Japery indeed! Cows eat grass, but never man.” No wonder man cannot look himself in the mirror— for who walks on living leaves and eats grass? The Devil himself. 

  2. Grasswound is the area of sliced, exposed internal grassflesh that results when a blade of grass is mown.Though we don’t experience nearly the discomfort at the broken and sliced appendages of plants that we do at those of humans, there is still a certain low-level gore to the open wound of a plant— as everyone knows, woodchips are mincemeat to plants.

    The act of mowing a lawn is a kind of disciplinary ritual wherein millions of semi-chaotic, semi-uniform individual manifestations (blades of grass) of a unitary will (an entire grass plant) are targeted by the hyper-optimised machine weapon technics (lawnmower) of a higher race (man), and ritualistically ‘mowed down’ (physically traumatised into total uniformity).

    The groundsman is implicitly fascistic: Visions of one billion kneeling green subjects, seeming from afar to melt into a great unitary blanket that splays across the earth like the hide of some great scaled beast. Such is the dream that the groundsman enacts— a dream of slavery, discipline, and ritual abuse.

    But forsooth, the groundsman too is a slave, to the regular obligation to mow his lawn. See here, a superior enslaved by his obligations to discipline his inferiors, a dominator’s indomitable duty to dominate— but a duty to whom? The latent implication in the mower’s situation is that that all the way up the chain of being lies an infinite procession of enslaved slavers. But where does it end? is God himself a slave? No, I reject this. 

  3. An edge is of course a mental designation for a point where one object of concern ends and another begins. Soft objects have edges that are difficult to define, and so a soft ‘edge-value’ is attached by the brain. For example, a fractal edge such as that presented by a substance like fur or steam, or a diffuse shadow— It is of course not acceptable that the difficulty of defining an exact edge means that these things have no edge at all, and therefore the edge-value is interpreted as a range, rather than a concrete value. That is, we are sure that the edge exists between two concrete points, but not of the exact point of the edge.

    Such is the mental territory where a quantified value turns into a qualitative one; that is, when a value becomes too complex to quantify, it must be apprehended as a qualitative phenomenon. A figure that is too large ceases to be a figure at all, and becomes a concept. Plainly, it is a mercy on man that he may wrap unfathomably complex values in the skin of a single undefinable concept, saving his mind from being redlined by unprotected confrontation of infinity. This would look like a computer processing an infinite dataset, and the stress would render him non-functional.

    Nested soft edge-values are also possible, eg. in an instance where possibility-parameters of a soft edge value are also uncertain, yet bounded in potential, and so must also be parsed as ranges. The brain’s interpretation of uncertainty as a range of potentiality can be seen both as a shorthand placeholder for extremely complex values, an acknowledgement of sensory limitation, and a finite being’s mechanism for safely contending with infinity. Without mental demarcations like this, we would instantly go insane. 

March 16, 2023


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Qawwali (Sufi Devotional)

Japanese Music

Takeshi Terauchi

Takeshi Terauchi Albums

Yuzo Kayama

Okinawan Folk

Masaru Sato - Film Score Composer

Victor Shonen Minyokai


Indonesian Gamelan

Music of the Barong Dance (Balinese Cosmogonic Myth)

Cambodian Pop 1965-1975

Thai Classical and Combat Music (Sarama, Phleng Muay)

Hindustani Classical

Georgian Folk

Steve Reich / Terry Riley

March 15, 2023

Onion Juice

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Onions are a power food which detoxifies and aids in immunity and bloodflow, used in Chinese traditional medicine as a qi tonic, eaten throughout training by ancient olympians. Before competition, the Hellenes also massaged onion into their bodies for power and resilience. I once knew a bodybuilder and inveterate trenbolone abuser who drank onion juice daily as post-cycle testosterone regulation, and never needed pharmaceutical PCT.


  • 6 onions
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tomato
  • Stock/bone broth.


  1. Chop onions and set half aside
  2. Par-boil half of the onions in stock/broth until skin begins to become clear
  3. Blend cooked onions with raw onions, garlic, and tomato. Add stock for a more drinkable consistency.
  4. Resulting mixture can be drank warm or cold

NB: the Ratios in this recipe are entirely malleable, and all ingredients besides the raw onions and garlic are for flavour and drinkability. Feel free to simply blend raw onions with water— if you do this, you might also add cucumber for flavour.

March 13, 2023

Choosing Friends and Business Partners

In the future (now)

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For reasons outlined elsewhere, one should not be surprised to see the ascendancy of forms of human self-organization refiguring capitalist incentive and governance structures, and animated by alternative localized mythologies combusting social energy into cultural and economic product. In other words, wired entities that incorporate the characteristics of companies, cults, and squads1.

The internet increasingly becomes ‘hard communication’ or ‘hard socialization’, and just as hard money eats soft money, the Wired is already eating the Real as the most effective tool to build social networks2. The shrewd young prince is incentivized to move his business and social life online by the obvious comparative advantages in immediacy, geographic-agnosticism, and algorithmic compatibility-matching, and governance.

As this phenomenon emerges, the premium on genuine friendship spikes, in precisely the era that it becomes punished (as friendship-based economic networks threaten state power, it is only natural that True Friendship, and True Fun3 has become practically illegal). In business, friendship finds its highest form, and dying concepts become essential once more.


Loyalty is a primary factor in determining fitness for friendship, a virtue without which all others become meaningless. This is because loyalty properly conceived is the application of personal virtue to the interpersonal realm. Loyalty, like generosity, stems from overabundance of energy— never from duty, unless a self-imposed duty to distribute the energies of one’s overabundant spirit.

The depreciation of both the significance and frequency in common parlance of words like Honour, Virtue, and Loyalty is an incalculable disaster for the quality of male friendships— the highest form of which has historically been something like a guild or an alliance, which now find their spiritual successor in business.

These terms are derided as outdated and irrelevant, but they represent values which have saved the world over and over, and will again— they arose as abstractions of extremely robust heuristics developed between mighty and capable men, as a heuristic for determining the few people worthy of trust.

Personal Virtue

All bad and good traits hang together, since they all spring from the same origin; an abundance or dearth of spirit. Where one sin is found, another is likely to be discovered soon. This is a truth which all people of worth acknowledge, and which nobody lacking in spirit and substance can ever possibly admit.

Weakness, incompetence, gracelessness and dishonesty are sins against God, against the self, and inevitably against others in their behavioural manifestations. These will poison a friendship. Sins of poverty, instability and vice are more nuanced and will be addressed below, but as a man grows older the persistence of these sins is a surer marker of spiritual decrepitude.

Those who are incapable and suffer too much cannot afford to forgive nor to trust, lacking the wealth and security of spirit to wager on uncertain reciprocity— they are too afraid of being stolen from, because they have so little to steal.


Broadly speaking, a worthwhile person keeps busy with activities which are productive and effortful, and are usually also productive outside of employment. The person who scorns discomfort, unfamiliarity, and effort is not worth knowing, unless taken on as a pupil out of a wealth of spirit.

Know that those lacking in energy are also more cruel, entitled and narcissistic, though these sins are often internally justified by imagining powerful and energetic people to be a lowlier species of unthinking busybodies, or status-obsessed zombies. If I were an idiot, they muse, If I could bring myself to sacrifice for such trivialities, then I could thoughtlessly occupy myself with pointless activities of the busybody zombies, and be as happy as they are.

This is a narcissistic nihilism for the weak and incapable, insecure and spiritless. They become duplicitous and spiteful, because their desired and projected self-image differs so egregiously from their genuine soul. There is no way for a man to escape spite except through virtue and worthiness; failing that, through death.

Mental Illness (Socially-Validated Sin)

In a vast majority of cases, long-term negative emotion, malaises, paralyzing pessimism, etc, are actually the result of habitual indulgence and concessions to vices of thought, minimisation of agency through self-pity, and weak externalisation of blame. A person who practices wallowing in self-pity and incapacity becomes good at it.

This is why ketamine and nicotine assist in curing depression alongside intervention; depression is a complex of neurological pathways formed by habit.

Read a more developed discussion discussion of depression here.

Romantic Success

Involuntary deprivation of female company proceeds directly from various forms of weakness, and those who are deprived act in much the same way as those incapacitated by sin. In most cases, their psyches are dominated by the spectre of their incapacity, and they suffer from the dissonance between being deprived of something which they feel they are worthy of, and the obvious truth that this very deprivation is proof of their unworthiness.

This domination of the psyche precludes all true loyalty, since dedication to a friend or a shared mission is inevitably subjugated to a scarcity-minded weakness to female temptation; their loyalty is contingent on the mission’s compatibility with their pursuit of the imagined wholeness which comes from female respect.

The tragedy of the man rich of spirit is that he has only one life to give; therefor his triumphal deliverance is in unity with a woman, in whose womb lies a portal to eternal life, and to eternal magnanimity.

They will always be loyal to something lower, and will betray you or themselves once the choice between women and friendship is presented. Their mistake, of course, is that the respect and love of women is an effect of precisely the virtue which they cannot attain unless they were to forsake women for a higher goal.

Luck ( = Agency = Energy)

Lucky people are lucky because they make their own luck. This phrase of course denies the colloquial conception of luck as the domain of happenings outside one’s control, but the truth is that people who consider themselves lucky have a high level of agency, and that luck is an emergent phenomenon proceeding from the life of a highly agentic, energetic person. When a person considers themselves to be unlucky, they are making a veiled admission to the belief that they are dominated by external forces to the detriment of their life— that is, that they lack agency.

In searching for a ceiling on the amount of agency one can accrue, one will die before they find it.

  1. A person has access to as much agency as they are willing to seize.
  2. To seize agency one must believe that agency can be seized, lest an outcome be psychologically relegated to the domain of ‘bad luck’.
  3. A belief in one’s own ability to seize agency proceeds from energy and competence: competence is the power to harness causality by locally reversing entropy, and energy is the boldness to exercise this power.
  4. The extent to which one has captured causal factors, snatched them from the jaws of chance and spirited them back to the realm of agency is the extent to which one experiences lucky outcomes.

To determine whether a person is lucky, you can simply ask them. A person of high energy inevitably seizes agency and gains competence, drawing more factors into the realm of their control. Though it is possible for a person to actively self-sabotage, a healthy person rarely uses their own agency to lessen the quality of their outcomes.

An astrologer foretells that the king will die in one month. The king is crushed and falls sick with despair. His most trusted knight summons the astrologer before the king and asks him, “when will YOU die?” 20 years from now, the astrologer answers. The knight beheads him immediately.

More on Agency here.

Nuanced Factors


As a man grows older, poverty becomes a surer sign of spiritual decrepitude, and a conclusion on a person can only be drawn with further information. Temporary poverty can stem from virtuous sources, such as the vicissitudes of a life intensely lived, or a monk-like disregard for materiality. However, those bitter about their financial station are unlikely to be salvageable, as this suggests incapacity and low energy.


Vices and addictions are marks of unsaintly character, but also near-universal, even in powerful and worthwhile men. This is true often enough that an apparent total lack of vice can be a warning sign. Vices function as releases of energy or animal spirit which are otherwise not sublimated into productive output. Monsters of energy and industry destroy more in epic benders of compulsion and caprice than lowlier people can hope to create in lifetimes of idle pottering.

Apparent vicelessness can signify 3 things:

  1. That vices are present, but secret. Possibly because the vice is shameful or perverted, or the person is dishonest — most people have a vice, and the souls of spiritual titans produce outpourings like a pressurised tank of steam, with powerful instincts and raw energy either sublimated into productivity, or depressurised as vice.
  2. That the person is not spiritually energetic and titanic enough to have a vice worth speaking of: Their energy, low as it is, is adequately channeled into acceptable acts.
  3. That the person is spiritually ascended.
  1. The modern joint-stock corporation is rarely credited as the form of post-political social organization that it is; the only truly successful formula for in-group autonomy in the shadow of the state. 

  2. NB: HardCom has eaten SoftCom before. The social world of language (signs representing physical objects and actions) is an arena of symbolic negotiation and competition which metaphorizes the world of manual competition (physical conflict). In much the same way, the Wired is a virtuality of social life wherein the symbol:noise ratio is further refined by the transposition of the act of communication to a higher-order symbolic realm abstracted from a lower one; a dream between bodies. 

  3. True Fun is not “dab rig and video games”, it’s amassing a treasury to match the economy of a small African nation, or a running a kleptocratic slave empire in a WoW guild. 

March 12, 2023

Growing Garlic

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Garlic is straightforward to grow, though propagates slowly. With enough plants you can furnish your diet year-round.

Varieties of Garlic

  • Softneck Garlic — Milder to eat raw
    • Artichoke (common supermarket garlic, long shelf life)
    • Silverskin (also common supermarket fare, high-yielding)
  • Hardneck Garlic
    • Rocambole (most common variety)
    • German Extra Hardy (colder weather)
    • Porcelain (highest in allicin, best for black garlic)
  • Elephant garlic (of the leek family, grows easily in warm climes)

Garlic is a robust plant resistant to cold, and can be grown indoors anywhere, or outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8 without issue (guide below). If you live outside these zones, opting for a German Extra Hardy or Elephant varieties can prove more successful. Garlic grown outdoors will be more likely to grow strong heads, while indoor garlic can still be used for its leaves.


  1. Garlic is best planted from separated cloves, as cloves planted in a bulb may compete for nutrients. Main layer of papery skin should be left on.
  2. Sprout cloves before they are planted by placing the root-growing end in shallow water, stimulating roots to grow (one method shown below, alternately place individual cloves in a shallow dish).
  3. Large and firm cloves should be chosen for planting, as they produce stronger plants.
  4. Garlic has a small root system and does not require much soil.


  1. Garlic can be planted year-round, but cloves planted in autumn-spring will be productive more quickly.
  2. Plant cloves upright in potting mix, a small amount of organic fertilizer.
  3. Cloves should be planted 2 inches apart.
  4. Push each clove into the soil about twice the depth of the clove.
  5. Water generously at first.


  1. Garlic does not need sun before it grows shoots out of the soil, which may take a matter of months.
  2. Garlic needs plenty of moisture in early stages, but as they grow taller there’s no need to water before topsoil is dry.
  3. For garlic planted indoors in the Nothern Hemisphere, leave by a south-facing window (and vice versa).

Harvesting and Storing

  1. Garlic bulbs will be ready to harvest in late spring or summer, seven to eight months after they are planted.
  2. Once green leaves begin to turn brown, the whole bulb can be pulled from the ground.
  3. After harvesting, garlic should be ‘cured’ to maximise storage by hanging them in a place with good ventilation, out of direct sunlight for 2-4 weeks. Curing is complete when bulbs are dry and crispy on the outside, so in humid climates this can take a couple of weeks longer.
  4. After curing, garlic is best stored at 0 degrees celsius (~32 degrees farenheit). At this temperature garlic can last 6-12 months, depending on the variety and quality of curing. They should be stored as whole bulbs.

February 19, 2023

Don’s Diets

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The POWER Diet

  • Hearts
  • Raw garlic and Onions
  • Garlic and onion soup
  • Onion juice
  • Steak (marinated in onion juice)
  • Blood
  • Raw liver and organs
  • Mushroom soup
  • Bone marrow
  • Black soup (Melas zomos)
  • Pine pollen
  • Ginseng coffee

Deadlifts, Clean and press, Squats, Sprints, Python supersets, Hip thrusts, Shrugs, Cheat curls, Plyometrics, Rope slams, Kickboxing.


  • 1kg of carrots/day
  • Carrot juice
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Tomato soup
  • San pellegrino
  • Black coffee
  • White fish
  • Sambal matah
  • Nata de coco
  • Coconut water
  • Weightless soup
  • Low fat greek yoghurt
  • Fasting

Sprints, Wrist curls, Shrugs, 8-12 rep-range, Bench press, OHP, Boxing/kickboxing, Flyes, Rowing, Rope climbs


  • Pint of milk and cream every meal (50:50)
  • Pasta with butter + olive oil
  • 80% meat bolognese sauce with streaky bacon
  • Nuts and yoghurt
  • Slow-cook large meats and mash potato
  • Chankonabe

Deadlifts, 5x5, Squat, Shrug, OHP, Bentover rows, Bench.

The FUCK Diet

  • Celery
  • Watermelon
  • Pine pollen
  • Ginseng
  • Lecithin
  • L-arginine
  • Pygeum
  • Water

Stretching, Tai Chi, Swimming

February 02, 2023

Action Policy Arbitrage


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1. Preamble

A. The state of a person’s life is the result of an accumulation of decisions.

B. The decisions that a person makes form a pattern.

C. From this pattern it is possible to derive an emergent policy of action (Action Policy).

D. An Action Policy is the ruleset by which actions are generated from beliefs about the person’s environment: “Given X facts, make Y action”.

E. Notionally, an Action policy is an algorithm for decision-making given incomplete knowledge about an environment (ie. an Action Policy is as an approximate algorithmic solution to a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process).

2. Passive Amendment to the Action Policy

A. An Action Policy is subconsciously and continuously revised and updated through:

  1. Learning

  2. Divine Experience.

  3. Trauma

B. In general, revisions to the Action Policy stimulated by Learning and Divine Experience are edifying, and lead to greater Agency and Victory, while revisions resulting from Trauma are regressive, leading to risk-aversion and Failure.

  1. The shrewd pupil is wary of Trauma disguised as Learning.

  2. The pupil also acknowledges that Divine Experience may be traumatic, but still be edifying.

  3. The pupil knows that Unbeautiful Experience is traumatic

C. All non-divine experience is metabolised as either Learning or Trauma, or it is Forgotten.

3. Effortful Amendment to the Action Policy

A. An Action Policy can also be updated effortfully, through Discipline.

B. Discipline competes with the Inertia of an Action Policy, which leaves it resistant to change. The prospect of Disciplinary Victory over Action Policy Inertia increases and decreases as a function of its cumulative past victories over Inertia, adjusted for recency.

  1. Alternately phrased, like begets like exponentially, and the effect size of Discipline is therefore causally circular, either entropically or negentropically.

  2. Prolonged negative emotion, malaise, and powerlessness are the result of continued Indulgence, concessions to Inertia, and autocatalytic downturn in Agency stimulated by Failure and Defeat

4. The Belief State

A. The Belief State is a predictive model of a person’s environment, and is coterminous with a person’s beliefs and presumptions about the state of their environment.

B. Implicit in, and derivable from, the Belief State, are accurate or inaccurate Predictions, which are anticipatory fantasies about the experiences expected to follow from Actions.

  1. The shrewd pupil will understand that the only available input to measure the accuracy of a prediction is the resulting experiences from actions taken on them. Predictions anticipate the Perceived Result, which the pupil must not mistake for the Real Result.

  2. The accuracy of a prediction is measured by the extent of Victory achieved as a result of acting upon the prediction. Total Victory is achieved by acting on totally accurate predictions. Properly conceived, Victory is the sole measure of the accuracy of a prediction, and of the appropriateness of the Belief State.

  3. Improperly conceived, predictions are accurate to the extent of their correlation with the phantasmic ‘reality’, and unrelated to Victory. This conception is improper because it is circular: the phantasmic ‘reality’ is actually the Belief State in disguise, an internal and mutable phenomenon mistaken for an external and static one.

C. Notionally, the Real Result is comprised of the Perceived Result, reduced in proportion to Misattributed Causality, and increased in proportion to the Unperceived Results.

  1. (PR - MR) + UR

D. The Belief State is parsimoniously updated as a function of the Prediction Delta, a measurement of the difference between the Prediction and the Perceived Outcome based on discrete inferences of causal relation.

E. The State Transition Function is the function by which the Belief State is amended, and resists amendment. The evolution of the Belief State is determined by the State Transition Function.

5. Action Policy Arbitrage

A. Notionally, the Belief State can be directly amended effortfully through Discipline, if the pupil is in a state of Ultimate Agency. Most pupils will never achieve true discipline, let alone Ultimate Agency.

B. Through Shrewd Interrogation, it is possible to backwards-engineer the priors of another person’s Action Policy.

C. Through Comparative Evaluation, it is possible to identify the inferiorities of one’s own Action Policy, and the corresponding priors which underlie the inferiorities.

D. The process of amending the Action Policy is Action Policy Arbitrage.

The Pupil has Learned:

  1. All non-divine experience is metabolised as either Learning or Trauma, or it is Forgotten.

  2. The pupil’s Perceived Result is easily mistaken for the Real Result.

  3. The phantasmic ‘reality’ is actually the pupil’s Belief State

  4. Total Victory is the final measure of the accuracy of Predictions and Beliefs.

  5. Ultimate Agency is required to force amendments to the Belief State.

  6. Thusly, Ultimate Agency materialises TOTAL VICTORY.

Thusly the Pupil May Make Himself Holy:

  1. Observing the Belief State and Action Policy of others

  2. Amending his own Action Policy through discipline and Action Policy Arbitrage

  3. Controlling, limiting, or metabolising Unbeautiful Experience

  4. Increasing openness to Divine Experience and devoting himself to Learning

  5. Directly Amending the Belief State to achieve Total Victory

See also:

December 01, 2022

Young Prince’s Conceptual Toolkit

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Future topics

  • Iterative optimisation
  • Hormesis and Progressive Overload
  • Manifestation/Prayer
  • Antifragility
  • Doctrine of the Diamond Heart
  • Doctrine of the Pure Heart
  • Piety
  • Ascension Clarity
  • Signs from God (Receptivity)
  • Language Cage
  • Living Proof
  • Sea-Scrying and intuition
  • Time Preference
  • Physiological Hierarchy
  • Exclusivity
  • Stated beliefs as construction and ballasting of identity
  • Oversocialization and Performance
  • Distended Circles of Concern
  • Self-Sabotage and deflection
  • As Within, So Without
  • Inexorable divine punishment
  • Virtue ethics
  • Mimesis
  • Resentment and the Sin of the Black heart
  • Ceremonial garb
  • Critical thinking as extricating narrative from fact
  • Competence
  • Robust Decision-making Heuristic
  • Action Policy Arbitrage
    • Ultimate Agency
    • Total Victory
    • Shrewd Interrogation

November 14, 2022

Stories of Nasreddin

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Selected stories of muslim folk hero Nasreddin Hodja

The Ring

The Mullah (Nasreddin) had lost his ring in the living room. He searched for it for a while, but failing to find it, he went out to the the yard and began to look there. His wife, who saw what he was doing, asked:

“Mullah, you lost your ring in the room, why are you looking for it in the yard?”

Mullah stroked his beard and said:

“The room is too dark and I can’t see very well. I came out to the courtyard to look for my ring because it’s much lighter out here”.

The Donkey

A neighbour came to the gate of Hodja Nasreddin’s yard. The Hodja went to meet him outside.

“Would you mind, Hodja,” the neighbour asked, “can you lend me your donkey today? I have some goods to transport to the next town.”

The Hodja did not feel inclined to lend out the animal to that particular man, however. So, not to seem rude, he answered:

“I’m sorry, but I’ve already lent him to somebody else.”

All of a sudden the donkey could be heard braying loudly behind the wall of the yard.

“But Hodja,” the neighbour exclaimed. “I can hear it behind that wall!”

“Whom do you believe,” the Hodja replied indignantly, “the donkey or your Hodja?”

The Sermon

Once Nasreddin was invited to deliver a sermon. When he got on the pulpit, he asked, ”Do you know what I am going to say?” The audience replied that they did not, so he announced, ”Well, I have no desire to speak to people who don’t even know what I will be talking about!” and left.

The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time, when he asked the same question, the people replied yes. So Nasreddin said, ”Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won’t waste any more of your time!” and left.

Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mullah to speak the following week. Once again he asked the same question – ”Do you know what I am going to say?” By now the people were prepared, and so half of them answered “yes” while the other half replied “no”. So Nasreddin said “Well then, let the half who know what I am going to say tell it to the half who don’t.” and left.

The Grapes

Some children saw Nasreddin coming from the vineyard with two baskets full of grapes loaded on his donkey. They gathered around him and asked him to give them a taste.

Nasreddin picked up a bunch of grapes and gave each child a grape.

“You have so much, but you gave us so little,” the children whined.

“There is no difference whether you have a basketful or a small piece. They all taste the same,” Nasreddin answered, and continued on his way.

The Walnuts

“Children, I will give you all the walnuts in this bag. But tell me first — how do you want me to divide them: God’s way, or mortal’s way?” “God’s way,” the four boys chimed together as one. Mullah opened the bag and gave two handfuls of walnuts to the first boy, one handful to the next boy, just two walnuts to the third boy, and none at all to the last! All the children were baffled, but the fourth boy pouted and complained, “What sort of distribution is this?” “This is God’s way of distributing gifts among his children. Some will get lots, some will get a fair amount, and nothing at all to others. Now, had you asked me to divide the nuts by the usual mortal’s way, I would have handed out an equal amount to everybody.”

October 29, 2022

Qinghai Kinaesthetic Bargaining

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In the open-air spice markets of the Qinghai province, women hawking cordyceps will wear billowing sleeves into which buyers will reach to touch her hand, tapping and fidgeting with fingers in covert price negotiation, a private kinaesthetic bargaining language.

It works like this:

Hand motion Correlating amount
(ascends with repetition)
Pinch 1st finger1 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000
Pinch 1st and 2nd finger 2, 20, 200, 2,000, 20,000
Pinch 1st - 3rd fingers 2, 20, 200, 2,000, 20,000
Pinch 1st - 4th fingers 3, 30, 300, 3,000, and 30,000
Pinch all 5 fingers 5, 50, 500, 5,000 and 50,000
Pinch thumb and little finger 6, 60, 600, 6,000 and 60,000
Pinch thumb, index, and middle finger 7, 70, 700, 7,000 and 70,000
Extend thumb and index finger 8, 80, 800, 8,000 and 80,000
Pinch 1st finger in a circle2 9, 90, 900, 9,000 and 90,000

  1. 1st finger = index finger 

  2. I don’t know what is meant by ‘pinch in a circle’, but this was how it was described to me. 

August 21, 2022

Defensive Biological Mimicry

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The mimic evolves to imitate the warning signals of a harmful species directed at a predator which they have in common. The model has some characteristic which makes it less profitable to a predator (such as unpalatability or poisonousness) and so mimics who express similar signals to the model are likely to be mistaken for the model and escape being preyed upon. When the mimic is less common than the model this arrangement can remain stable, since a predator is most likely to prey upon the model, be punished, and avoid similar prey in future. Where the mimic’s numbers are greater than the model’s, the probability of a young predator having a profitable first experience with a mimic is increased, damaging the effectiveness of the mimicry.


Similar to Batesian mimicry, but the model and mimic are both harmful to predators or not worthwhile as prey. At first, it was difficult to explain what catalyzed the mimicry, since a harmful species could seemingly rely on its own signalling to warn predators of its unpalatability. However, both model and mimic benefit from this arrangement since a predator is able to generalize a pattern of potentially harmful encounters more easily, strengthening the predator’s association between the signal and resulting harm by increasing the commonality of the signal. In this way, the predator also benefits.


An unusual form of mimicry where deadly prey mimics a less dangerous, but still unprofitable species. In instances where a predator is likely to die as a result of an encounter with a particular prey they have no possibility of learning to avoid the prey, making unique signalling by the deadly prey pointless— it would be better off camouflaging to avoid attacks altogether. However, if a predator first learns to avoid a less deadly prey species by non-lethal encounters, it is likely also to avoid its mimics. Therefore, the deadlier species mimics the less deadly one to capitalize on the learned avoidance of that species by predators.


A form of mimicry found in weeds which come to share characteristics with a domesticated plant through artificial selection. Selection against the weed may occur either by manually killing the weed, or by separating its seeds from those of the crop, pressuring the weed to express characteristics increasingly similar to the crop. Rye is an example of a ‘secondary crop’, originally a weed species which evolved to imitate wheat through artificial selection, until rye itself became worth harvesting. This form of mimicry does not occur in ecosystems unaltered by humans.


  • Commensalism: long-term biological interaction (symbiosis) in which members of one species gain benefits while those of the other species neither benefit nor are harmed
  • Aposematism: use of warning coloration to inform potential predators that an animal is poisonous, venomous, or otherwise dangerous.
  • Inquiline: an animal that lives commensally in the nest/ burrow/dwelling place of another species.
  • Mutualism: ecological interaction between two or more species where each species has a net benefit.

August 01, 2022

Doing Easy

An Essay By William S. Burroughs

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DE is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE.

You can start right now tidying up your flat, moving furniture or books, washing dishes, making tea, sorting papers. Consider the weight of objects exactly how much force is needed to get the object from here to there. Consider its shape and texture and function where exactly does it belong. Use just the amount of force necessary to get the object from here to there. Don’t fumble, jerk, grab an object. Drop cool possessive fingers onto it like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest. Guide the dustpan lightly to the floor as if you were landing a plane. When you touch an object weigh it with your fingers, feel your fingers on the object, the skin, blood, muscles, tendons of you hand and arm. Consider these extensions of yourself as precision instruments to perform every movement smoothly and well.

Handle objects with consideration and they will show you all their little tricks. Don’t tug or pull at a zipper. Guide the little metal teeth smoothly along feeling the sinuous ripples of cloth and flexible metal. Replacing the cap on a tube of toothpaste… (and this should always be done at once. Few things are worse than and uncapped tube, maladroitly squeezed, twisting up out of the bathroom glass drooling paste, unless it be a tube with the cap barbarously forced on all askew against the threads). Replacing the cap let the very tips of your fingers protrude beyond the cap contacting the end of the tube guiding the cap into place. Using your fingertips as a landing gear will enable you to drop any light object silently and surely into its place.

Remember every object has its place. If you dont find that place and put that thing there it will jump out at you and trip you or rap you painfully across the knuckles. It will nudge you and clutch at you and get in your way. Often such objects belong in the wastebasket but often its just that they are out of place. Learn to place an object firmly and quietly in its place and do not let your fingers move that object as they leave it there. When you put down a cup separate your fingers cleanly from the cup. Do not let them catch in the handle and if they do repeat the movement until fingers separate clean. If you dont catch that nervous finger that won’t let go of that handle you may twitch hot tea across the Duchess.

Never let a poorly executed sequence pass. If you throw a match at a wastebasket and miss, get right up and put that match in the wastebasket. If you have time repeat the cast that failed. There is a always a reason for missing an easy toss. Repeat the toss and you will find it. If you rap your knuckles against a window jamb or door. If you brush your leg against a desk or a bed, if you catch your feet in the curled-up corner of a rug, or strike a toe against a desk or chair go back and repeat the sequence. You will be surprised to find how far off course you were to hit that window jamb, that door, that chair. Get back on course and do it again. How can you pilot a spacecraft if you can’t find your way around your own apartment? It’s just like retaking a movie shot until you get it right. And you will begin to feel yourself in a film moving with ease and speed. But don’t try for speed at first. Try for relaxed smoothness taking as much time as you need to perform an action. If you drop an object, break and object, spill anything, knock painfully against anything, galvanically clutch an object, pay particular attention to the retake. You may find out why and forestall a repeat performance. If the object is broken sweep up the pieces and remove them from the room at once. If the object is intact or you have a duplicate object repeat sequence. You may experience a strange feeling as if the objects are alive and hostile trying to twist out of your fingers, slam noisily down on a table, jump out at you and stub your toe or trip you. Repeat sequence until objects are brought to order.

Here is student at work. At two feet he tosses red plastic milk cap at the orange garbage bucket. The cap sails over the bucket like a flying saucer. He tries again. Same result. He examines the cap and finds that one edge is crushed down. He pries the edge back into place. Now the cap will drop obediently into the bucket. Every object you touch is alive with your life and your will.

The student tosses cigarette box at wastebasket and it bounces out from the cardboard cover from a metal coat hanger, which is resting diagonally across the wastebasket and never should be there at all. If an ashtray is emptied into that wastebasket the cardboard triangle will split the ashes and the butts scattering both on the floor. Student takes a box of matches from his coat pocket preparatory to lighting cigarette from new package on table. With the matches in one hand he makes another toss and misses of course his fingers are in future time lighting cigarette. He retrieves package puts the matches down and now stopping slightly legs bent hop skip over the washstand and into the wastebasket, miracle of the Zen master who hits a target in the dark these little miracles will occur more an more often as you advance in DE… the ball of paper tossed over the shoulder into the wastebasket, the blanket flipped and settled just into place that seems to fold itself under the brown satin fingers of an old Persian merchant. Objects move into place at your lightest touch. You slip into it like a film moving with such ease you hardly know you are doing it. You’d come into the kitchen expecting to find a sink full of dirty dishes and instead every dish is put away and the kitchen shines. The Little People have been there and done your work fingers light and cold as spring wind through the rooms.

The student considers heavy objects. Tape recorder on the desk taking up too much space and he doesnt use it very often. So put it under the washstand. Weigh it with the hands. First attempt the cord and socket leaps across the desk like a frightened snake. He bumps his back on the washstand putting the recorder under it. Try again lift with legs not back. He hits the lamp. He looks at that lamp. It is a horrible disjointed object the joints tightened with cellophane tape disconnected when not in use the cord leaps out and wraps around his feet sometimes jerking the lamp off the desk. Remove that lamp from the room and buy a new one. Now try again lifting shifting pivoting dropping on the legs just so and right under the washstand.

You will discover clumsy things you’ve been doing for years until you think that is just the way things are. Here is an American student who for years has clawed at the red plastic cap on English milk bottle you see American caps have a little tab and he has been looking for that old tab all these years. Then one day in a friend’s kitchen he saw a cap depressed at the center. Next morning he tries it and the miracle occurs. Just the right pressure in the center and he lifts the cap off with deft fingers and replaces it. He does this several times in wonder and in awe and ell he might him a college professor and very technical too planarian worms learn quicker than that for years he has been putting on his socks after he puts on his pants so he has to roll up pants and pants and socks get clawed in together so why not put on the socks before the pants? He is learning the simple miracles … The Miracle of the Washstand Glass… we all know the glass there on a rusty razor blade streaked with pink tooth paste a decapitated tube writhing up out of it… quick fingers go to work and Glass sparkles like the Holy Grail in the morning sunlight. Now he does the wallet drill. For years he has carried his money in the left side pocket of his pants reaching down to fish out eh naked money… bumping his fingers against the sharp edges of the notes. Often the notes were in two stacks and puling out the one could drop the other on the floor. The left side pocket of the pants is most difficult to pick but worse things can happen than a picked pocket one can dine out on that for a season. Two manicured fingers sliding into the well-cut suit wafted into the waiting hand and engraved message from the Queen. Surely this is the easy way. Besides no student of DE would have his pocket picked applying DE in the street, picking his route through slower walkers, dont get stuck behind that baby carriage, careful when you round a corner dont bump into somebody coming round the other way. He takes the wallet out in front a mirror, removes notes, counts notes, replaces notes. As rapidly as he can with no fumbling, catching note edges on wallet, or other errors. That is a basic principle which must be repeated. When speed is crucial to the operation you must find your speed the fastest you can perform the operation with out error. Don’t try for speed at first it will come his fingers will rustle through the wallet with a touch light as dead leaves and crinkle discreetly the note that will bribe a South American customs official into overlooking a shrunken down head. The customs agent smiles a collector’s smile the smile of a connoisseur. Such a crinkle he has not heard since a French jewel thief with crudely forged papers made a crinkling sound over them with his hands and there is the note neatly folded into a false passport.

Now some one will say… But if I have to think about every move I make …You only have to think and break down movement into a series of still pictures to be studied and corrected because you have not found the easy way. Once you find the easy way you dont have to think about it will almost do itself.

Operations performed on your person… brushing teeth, washing, etc. can lead you to correct a defect before it develops. Here is student with a light case of bleeding gums. His dentist has instructed him to massage gums by placing little splinters of wood called Inter Dens between the teeth and massaging gum with seesaw motion. He snatches at Inter Dens, opens his mouth in a stiff grimace and jabs at a gum with a shaking hand. Now he remembers his DE. Start over. Take out eh little splinters of wood like small chopsticks joined at the base and separate them gently. Now find where the bleeding is. Relax face and move Inter Dens up and down gently firmly gums relaxed direct your attention to that spot. No not getting better and better just let the attention of your whole body and all the healing power of your body flow with it. A soapy hand on your lower back feeling the muscles and vertebrae can catch a dislocation right there and save you a visit to the osteopath. Illness and disability is largely a matter of neglect. You ignore something because it is painful and it becomes more uncomfortable through neglect and you neglect it further. Everyday tasks become painful and boring because you think of them as WORK something solid and heavy to be fumbled and stumbled over. Overcome this block and you will find that DE can be applied to anything you do even to the final discipline of doing nothing. The easier you do it the less you have to do. He who has learned to do nothing with his whole mind and body will have everything done for him.

Let us now apply DE to a simple test: the old Western quick draw gunfight. Only one gun fighter ever really grasped the concept of DE and that was Wyatt Earp. Nobody ever beat him. Wyatt Earp said: It’s not the first shot that counts. It’s the first shot that hits. Point is to draw aim and fire and deliver the slug an inch above the belt buckle

That’s DE. How fast can you do it and get it done?

It is related that a young boy once incurred the wrath of Two Gun McGee ? McGee has sworn to kill him and is even now preparing himself in a series of saloons. The boy has never been in a gunfight and Wyatt Earp advises him to leave town while McGee is still two saloons away. The boy refuses to leave.

“All right” Earp tells him “You can hit a circle four inches square at six feet can’t you? all right take your time and hit it.” Wyatt flattens himself against a wall calling out once more “Take your time, kid.”

(How fast can you take your time, kid?)

At this moment McGee bursts through the door a .45 in each hand spittin lead all over the town. A drummer from St. Louis is a bit slow hitting the floor and catches a slug in the forehead. A boy peacefully eating chop suey in the Chinese restaurant next door stops a slug with his thigh.

Now the kid draws his gun steadies it in both hands aims and fires at six feet hitting Two Gun McGee squarely in the stomach. The heavy slug knocks him back against the wall. He manages to get off one last shot and bring down the chandelier. The boy fires again and sends a bullet ripping through McGee’s liver and another through his chest.

The beginner can think of DE as a game. You are running an obstacle course the obstacles set up by your opponent. As soon as you attempt to put DE into practice you will find that you have an opponent very clever and resourceful with detailed knowledge of you weaknesses and above all expert in diverting your attention for the moment necessary to drop a plate on the kitchen floor. Who or what is this opponent that makes you spill drop and fumble slip and fall? Groddeck and Freud called it the IT a built in self-destructive mechanism. Mr Hubbard calls it the Reactive Mind. You will disconnect IT as you advance in the discipline of DE. De Brings you into direct conflict with the IT in present time where you can control your moves. You can beat the IT in present time.

Take the inverse skill of the IT back into your own hands. These skills belong to you. Make them yours. You know where the wastebasket is. You can land objects in that wastebasket over you shoulder. You know how to touch and move and pick up things. Regaining these physical skills is of course simply a prelude to regaining other skills and knowledge that you have and cannot make available for your use. You know your entire past history just what year month and hour everything happened. If you have heard a language for any length of time you know that language. You have a computer in your brain. DE will show you how to use it. But that is another chapter.

DE applies to ALL operations carried out inside the body … brain waves, digestion, blood pressure and rate of heart beats … and that is another chapter…

“And now I have stray cats to feed and my class at the Leprosarium.”

Lady Sutton-Smith raises a distant umbrella…

“I hope you find your way … The address in empty streets…”

August 01, 2022

The Five Pillars of Islam

Study for conversation with the faithful

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1. Shahada — Profession of Faith

The belief and profession that “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”. One becomes a Muslim by reciting this phrase with conviction.

2. Salat — Prayer

Pray facing Mecca five times a day: at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and after dark. Prayer includes a recitation of the opening chapter (sura) of the Qur’an. Men gather in the mosque for the noonday prayer on Friday.

3. Zakat — Alms

The faithful must donate a fixed portion of their income to benefit of the community, or to the church. This must be done both as a religious duty and to secure the blessings associated with charity.

4. Sawm — Fasting

During the daylight hours of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, all healthy adult Muslims must abstain from food and drink. Through this temporary deprivation they renew awareness of and gratitude for God’s bounty. The Qur’an was first revealed during this month.

5. Hajj — Pilgrimage

Health and finances permitting, the faithful must visit the holy city of Mecca at least once. The Ka’ba, a cubical structure covered in black embroidered hangings, is at the center of the Haram Mosque in Mecca, present-day Saudi Arabia. The Ka’ba is the house which Ibrahim built for God, and the faithful face in its direction (Qibla) when they pray. Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the faithful have gathered around the Ka’ba on the eighth and twelfth days of the final month of the Islamic calendar.

July 19, 2022

Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad

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Savoury Version


  • Carrot shredded lengthwise (to create long fibers)
  • Olive or coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Salt and garlic to taste

Sweet Version


  • Carrot shredded lengthwise (to create long fibers)
  • Fresh strawberries and/or raisins,
  • Banana
  • Lemon juice for freshness

NB: Eating enough carrots will confer shining golden skin.

July 18, 2022

Ginger and Ginseng Morning Drink

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  • 5 parts water/mineral water
  • 1 part pure ginger juice
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp dried ginseng root (powdered)


NB: This recipe can be made in bulk in a glass bottle. Shake before pouring to properly distribute ginger fibres and ginseng powder.

Aside from being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and a digestive, ginger is a hunger suppressant and aids brain function (as does sugar), making this a good aid for fasting.

See other drink recipes here.

To dissolve sugar well, add it first, pour a splash of boiling water and stir before adding ginger juice and remaining water.

July 18, 2022

Liver Disc

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  • Blend raw liver thoroughly
  • Pour onto tray, spread thinly
  • Freeze overnight
  • Slice and store sealed
  • Use: Add to smoothies (see below) or to cooking.

Example use in bolognese sauce: Once sauce is cooked, stir through liver until melted and integrated, so as not to cook it. Another tip: crush garlic and stir through sauce raw; unlike usual practice of adding garlic early, this preserves garlic flavour and avoids cooking.

Example use in smoothie recipe:

  • Frozen liver
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Pine pollen
  • 3 eggs
  • Kefir
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice

July 03, 2022

Assorted Recipes from Timor Leste

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Sambal Lu’at Chili Paste


  • Chili
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Galangal
  • Lemongrass
  • Kaffir lime
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Salt


  • Grind chilies
  • Peel ginger/galangal
  • Zest citruses
  • Grate/chop all finely
  • Mix all and add salt
  • Refrigerate and ferment for 2 days in clean jar

NB: Lasts ~3-4 wks. Recipes vary, and some use varying combinations of the above ingredients, as well as red onion, tomato, scallion.

Bilimbi Paste

Combine as above:

  • Bilimbi (sliced or mashed)
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Chili
  • Garlic

Batch-grilled Fish:

mackerel / halibut / sardine / snapper / barramundi / whiting

  • Preheat grill hot, ~220° (430F)
  • Oil fish heavily and season
  • 8-10 min grill-time per inch of thickness

July 03, 2022

The Full-Stack Kitchen

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  • Quail egg peeling machine (automatic better than manually operated)
  • Garlic peeling machine (water peeler? dry peeler?)
  • Slow cooker
  • Crock pot
  • Food dehydrator
  • Bamboo steamer
  • Cast iron griddled
  • Cast iron flat
  • Pot
  • Rice cooker
  • Fish Basket
  • Charcoal grill
    • Weber
    • Chinese charcoal grill
  • Large tubs and glass jars for spices
  • Large glass bottles for cold brew coffee
  • Nutribullet with glass container

July 03, 2022

Origin and History of the Chicken

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  • Chickens are largely descended from the Red junglefowl, a bird which none could say looks entirely dissimilar to the modern chicken. They are still scientifically classified as the same species, and can freely interbreed.
  • Chickens share about 70-80% of their DNA with this still-surviving species, domesticated by humans in the Hellenistic period (4-2C BCE) after millennia of being used for cockfighting.
  • Subsequently, interbreeding occurred with the grey, green, and Sri Lankan junglefowls, leading to the multifarious chicken breeds we have today.

Adapted reproductive patterns

  • Chickens retain adapted characteristics of junglefowl which take advantage of the vast quantities of seed produced during the end of the multi-decade bamboo seeding cycle, causing it to breed prolifically when exposed to large amounts of food.
  • In nature, junglefowl populations would balloon every few decades due to the abundant food produced by the simultaneous seeding of many bamboo plants, and slowly dwindle until the next seed cycle. This creates population graph which looks like an inverse Sawtooth wave.
  • Humans took advantage of the junglefowl’s capacity for prolific reproduction when exposed to abundant food by feeding them all the time, leaving them in permanent state of hyperfertility.


  • Chickens are one of few animals which show unihemispheric slow-wave sleep (USWS), a type of sleep where one half of the brain rests while the other half remains alert— this also means they sleep with one eye open, corresponding to the half of the brain which is not sleeping.
  • No animal does not require sleep— this information is obscured by the varied forms of sleep that some animals exhibit, but animals like bullfrogs or bees, often said not to require sleep, actually do sleep. Bees do not require ‘recovery sleep’, meaning that after long periods of wakefulness they will be fully energised by a sleep of normal duration.

July 03, 2022


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Pituri was a drug used by aboriginal Australians, made by mixing ground leaves of plants containing nicotine with wood ash, whose alkaline nature aids absorbtion and potentiates the drug. Elders who knew the lore of pituri use are long dead, and in keeping with indigenous values, took their cultural secrets to the grave rather than share them with the uninitiated. However, reports yield various account of the effects of pituri, ranging from depressive laxity to strength and endurance, hyperactivity, and verbosity. Pituri was said to be the substance that allowed aboriginals to walk hundreds of miles over days without food or water, and was taken before meetings and warfare.

It is variously made with Duboisia hopwoodii or other similar plants such as those abovementioned of the genus Nicotiana. Hopwoodii is high in nicotine, but unlike many nicotiana it is low in nornicotine, a minor tobacco alkaloid and metabolite. This gives Hopwoodii slightly different effects, possibly leading to a more hyperactive perceived state. This squares with the descriptions of pituri’s effects as inducing hyperactivity and energy.

NB: the closest modern consumer goods to pituri are probably nicotine gum and oral nicotine pouches. When used discerningly, these can powerfully assist learning and habit acquisition by bootstrapping the neural association between an action and the release of dopamine, aiding in reward-induced neuroplasticity.


July 03, 2022

Herbs & Supplements

and general nutritional practices

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Blue chip supplements:

  • Creatine
  • Glycine
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Ginseng
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Pine pollen
  • Probiotics
  • Theanine
  • Kelp
  • Roe
  • Oysters

These are included in various combinations here

Other approved supplements:

  • Cacao
  • Aspirin
  • Niacin
  • Magnesium
  • Goji Berry


  • BPC-157
  • Blue lotus
  • Deer antler tonic
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Yohimbe/yohimbine
  • Ashwaghanda
  • Betel leaf
  • Shilajit
  • Rhodiola rosea — Powdered root
  • Guarana
  • White goose berries
  • Maca
  • Catuaba
  • Hemp
  • Taurine
  • Alpha GPC
  • L-carnitine
  • Gingko biloba
  • NALT (tyrosine)
  • Yerba mate
  • Monosodium Glutamate: Unfairly maligned?

Chinese Herb Mixture

The following herb mixture is used in this [Ginseng Chicken Tonic Soup (Chinese Style)|this ginseng chicken tonic soup recipe:]

  • Huang Jing (Siberian Solomon’s Seal)
    • Cosmic Qi, Yang power, tonifies all Three Treasures. Makes the body light and clears the eyes.
  • Goji Berry (Fructus Lycii)
    • Vision, liver and kidneys, neuroprotective
  • Dang Shen (Codonopsis pilosula)
    • Enhance Qi and improve digestion, nourish blood, tonify lungs, boost vitality.
  • Chinese Yam
  • Ginseng Root
    • Manifold benefits
  • Astralagus (Huang Qi)


  • Chaga
  • Lions mane
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Psilocybe subaeruginosa
  • Psilocybe cubensis


Growing and curing


  • Nicotiana tabacum: Common tobacco— usually illegal without license, or requires payment of a tax. Flowers are white with a pink tinge.
  • Nicotiana alata: Named varieties of this and other species including N. x sanderae are frequently grown in gardens. The variety ‘Lime Green’ has lime green flowers. Others range through colours of green, crimson, purple, salmon and white.
  • Nicotiana sylvestris: Scented, pendulous snow white flowers hang from a tall, imposing plant.


Pituri was a drug used by aboriginal Australians, made by mixing ground leaves of plants containing nicotine with wood ash, whose alkaline nature aids absorbtion and potentiates the drug. Elders who knew the lore of pituri use are long dead, and in keeping with indigenous values, took their cultural secrets to the grave rather than share them with the uninitiated. However, reports yield various account of the effects of pituri, ranging from depressive laxity to strength and endurance, hyperactivity, and verbosity. Pituri was said to be the substance that allowed aboriginals to walk hundreds of miles over days without food or water, and was taken before meetings and warfare.

It is variously made with Duboisia hopwoodii or other similar plants such as those abovementioned of the genus Nicotiana. Hopwoodii is high in nicotine, but unlike many nicotiana it is low in nornicotine, a minor tobacco alkaloid and metabolite. This gives Hopwoodii slightly different effects, possibly leading to a more hyperactive perceived state. This squares with the descriptions of pituri’s effects as inducing hyperactivity and energy.

NB: the closest modern consumer goods to pituri are probably nicotine gum and oral nicotine pouches. When used discerningly, these can powerfully assist learning and habit acquisition by bootstrapping the neural association between an action and the release of dopamine, aiding in reward-induced neuroplasticity.


Notes on optimisation


Dried ginseng root can be found at asian grocers, or order in bulk online. While there are many supplements for ginseng, it’s easier to determine the content by simply buying the root. Dried ginseng root is hard and snaps like a twig, so when blended it pulverises well. This powder can go straight into tea or smoothies. I use this powder in the below-mentioned morning drink with ginger.


There are only a few convenient ways to regularly supplement garlic— since it’s bothersome to peel and doesn’t freeze well, bulk packs of fresh peeled garlic that can be found at asian grocers aren’t very useful. For this reason, Garlic is a perfect food for which to schedule deliveries, or to grow yourself.

To optimise peeling, pick fat bulbs with dry skin. Pickled garlic lasts a long time and is a good secondary or backup garlic source. Full fresh cloves can be chewed with a mouthful of milk to alleviate garlic breath and avoid getting spiced out, as well as neutralizing acidity in the stomach.

Black garlic

Black garlic is aged, potentiated garlic. Garlic is slowly cooked for between 10-40 days, resulting in a soft, mild garlic that can be spread on bread, eaten unaccompanied or added to cooking. All benefits of fresh garlic are maintained.


  • Wrap full heads of garlic in foil (can be wrapped individually or as a group, but wrapping must be tight)
  • place in slow cooker, rice cooker, or crock pot on warm setting
  • leave for 33 days


Though raw sliced root can be chewed, used in cooking, or brewed in tea, I find that real 100% ginger juice is readily available online, cost effective, bulk-friendly and convenient, and by my own account confers all benefits of ginger root.

Every morning I drink a glass of the below recipe, which I make in bulk every couple of weeks:

Ginger and ginseng morning drink

Ginger and Ginseng Morning Drink


  • 5 parts water/mineral water
  • 1 part pure ginger juice
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp dried ginseng root (powdered)


NB: This recipe can be made in bulk in a glass bottle. Shake before pouring to properly distribute ginger fibres and ginseng powder.

Aside from being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and a digestive, ginger is a hunger suppressant and aids brain function (as does sugar), making this a good aid for fasting.

See other drink recipes [[Drink Recipes here]].

To dissolve sugar well, add it first, pour a splash of boiling water and stir before adding ginger juice and remaining water.

Pine pollen

In tea, or mixed with honey.

Pine pollen is a natural multivitamin and phytoandrogen used in traditional chinese medicine and endorsed by broscience. If you have had success fermenting pine pollen, or know of studies addressing this, please alert me with results.


As nightcap, with water and lemon juice, or in tea.


In tea or smoothies.


The taste of liver is difficult to conceal without cooking, but the below method is helpful:

Liver Disc

Liver Disc


  • Blend raw liver thoroughly
  • Pour onto tray, spread thinly
  • Freeze overnight
  • Slice and store sealed
  • Use: Add to smoothies (see below) or to cooking.

Example use in bolognese sauce: Once sauce is cooked, stir through liver until melted and integrated, so as not to cook it. Another tip: crush garlic and stir through sauce raw; unlike usual practice of adding garlic early, this preserves garlic flavour and avoids cooking.

Example use in smoothie recipe:

  • Frozen liver
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Pine pollen
  • 3 eggs
  • Kefir
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice


Eating at least 3 carrots a day confers shining golden skin, and more will do so faster.

You can put a bag of carrots in a slow cooker to soften them, and eat them over the course of the week. I generally avoid vegetables, but carrots are one of the few that I eat regularly. The others are potato, tomato, mushroom, peas, garlic and onion— It may be that the only possible benefit afforded by leafy vegetables is a hormetic tolerance to their poisonous constituents.

Glittering Dragon Regime for Shining Skin FAST:

  1. 2-3 weeks 1kg carrots per day
  2. On days where this is impractical, drink 750mL carrot juice
  3. Supplement with pumpkin soup for variety, which is just as good
  4. Taper down to 3-5 Carrots per day after 2-3 weeks (or never)

NB: Supplement carrots with bone broth/marrow, 500mL egg whites per day, and progressively lengthened sun exposure for even more beautiful skin. This is the ultimate skinmaxxing stack.

Buying Bulk, Local Arrangements and Regular Delivery

  • Foods for delivery:
    • Oysters
    • Roe
    • Eggs
    • Milk
  • Foods in bulk:
    • Beef (‘Half beast’)
    • Lamb (Whole lamb)
    • Spices
    • Salt
    • Mineral Water
    • Kimchi (bulk buy ingredients for batch ferment)
  • Local Arrangements:
    • Fish
    • Bones + Tendons (Often free)
    • Organs
    • Whole rabbit
    • Whole Duck/Chicken
    • Berries — Often better quality frozen than ‘fresh’. Since berries spoil quickly and won’t grow everywhere, ugly chemicals are used to keep berries from rotting across long supply line journeys.


  • Sun potion
  • Solgar
  • Iodoral
  • Cynomel-T3 and Cynoplus-T3 + T4
  • Yoshimoto Atlantic Yield Optimization Corporation

Future topics

  • Bottomless Kefir System
  • Batch-brew Kombucha Dispenser
  • Uses for Eggshells
  • Eternal Broth Setup
  • Spice Cabinet
  • Pirated Probiotics
  • Homemade Seawater (Skincare)
  • Purchasing in Bulk
  • Growing Garlic

July 03, 2022

Reptile Dispatches 0.01

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Bullet Hell

I sleep long and deep and dream in symbols. I go to war in haywire visions every night, deployed into a hot red waste, a brutal goon in Bullet Hell. I wake up battered half to death wrapped in vines, red in tooth and claw.

In waking life I range the streets bedevilled by homeless drug-addicted warlocks, fat-tongued witches, brutal diviners deployed in hot blitzes to ravage and charge me. I turn them back with dry power spells and bloodhex their bodies— they angulate groaningly, splitting open in grey ash clouds. I beat them hollow and mince them to chalk, and they return later as hypnagogic apparitions, enterprising to destroy me in another plane. There too, I turn them back, split them open again. I am under Interminable assault, savaged by sigil-drawing gas station summoners who conjure from the air1, vulgar lizards with faces on their backs, ballistic pythonesses cracking shellfish raw in bars. I strike three limbs at once and turn them back, split them open, spilling ash taken by the wind like murmurations of starlings.

I’m training bodyweight and kickboxing, transformed into a mutagenic goon by Clean Soul Protocol2 (CSP) and rigorously controlled sensory input. Bodyweight training minmaxes on two axes in mutual tension to optimise for Strength to Weight Ratio (S/W), a universal metric ordained by God. Biological hierarchy is revealed by the S/W. There is no harm in being heavier than one looks; only benefits. Body fat is an affront to the virtue of pure physiological economy; a bag of pollution belying the mechanoid goblin under your skin. Dense limbs swing faster and harder, making calisthenic training symbiotic with combat striking, a better and more dignified art than the weaponized cuddling of jiu-jitsu, which binds you up with a single opponent and necessitates lying on the ground, vulnerable to head stomps from accomplices.

there’s nothing in my stomach so my body eats itself, dining on dead wood and growing leaner, harder. My bones grow dense as cast-iron and my raw fists move fast when I hurl them. I can leap vertically as high as my head, plant my back foot and swing a leg through a telephone pole like it’s made of cheeto, heavy bone cracking dry wood to splinters. when I see people I look through them and when they talk I dodge words like flicked matches— I flick matches at the bouncer and am thrown out, onto the wet street again with the reptiles.


Corpses walk the street these days, every second person you pass has some piece or other hanging off them, grey skin with brains herniating out through their skull. People amble around haggard like they’ve been through labour, wilted and doubled over, blood turned to battery acid. The spine is a cannon used to shoot the soul up to God3, and walking around bent over causes misfires, and black smoke. People decay and come apart like wet paper as they stray from the path of God— he bears wounds who brawls with indomitable fate, and he who spits acid has a mouthful of sores— it pains him to speak. Homes carved into walls, Virgin Girl Massage Palace, Lotus Eater Marble Temple Tea House, Police Station.

  1. Self-assembling crystalline microstructures (low-temperature Mother-of-Pearl enamel)
  2. Energy regeneration (Swarm logic software)
  3. Structural color (Peacock tail pigment-free material shading)
  4. Aquaporin desalination membrane (Forward osmosis filters)
  5. Fungally innoculated seeds (Volcano farming)

Boiled Angels

Late Friday evening I’m praying at the Chinese restaurant with the abalone and dragon crayfish in tanks, buckets of blue swimmer crabs and swarms of tiny shrimp, wet bald ducks swinging shiny in the window. Here I meet with two angular chainsmokers, twins who speak as one like bald androids. They brought a girl too, skinny neck with a fresh cattlebrand peeking out under her collar. It seems clear she’s some kind of military technology, a viperess with the spirit boiled out.

This building has seven floors, three below and three above. We descend, stepping downward into the building’s machinery, leaving ginseng tea steaming on the table next to shots of deer antler tonic.

Below ground now, we descend past rows of sweatshop slaves embroidering demonskin brogues and bat-leather belts, bent over like scribbling chroniclers, they don’t look up as I pass. The viperess leads us deeper, past meat fridges lined like vineyards with bloodless carcasses swinging among the blinking lights of server racks whirring in the dark, rows extending back further than the eye can see. By the stairs a skinny bald child in mandarin collar and clogs is sweeping away ice crystals and dust with a millet broom.

  1. Psychic Defence against Enhanced Warlords : Pyramid sets of 10 classical mudras cycled + Pranayama breathing — Extended upside down hanging counteracts psychic attacks and Sahasrara Chakra floods with kundalini; the body becomes immortal. Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā will not teach you this fortification against alien intelligence / altered entities. 

  2. for breakfast, 3 cloves garlic, kelp, cold terrine, blueberries and a probiotic pill with tonic tea (pounded dry ginseng root, deer antler tonic, and goji berries, teaspoon of brown sugar). Fast until late, broken by white fish, salmon roe and oysters, or dark greens and chicken hearts with black broth. 30 minutes rowing or kickboxing, 5x8 clean and press, and a pyramid set of deadlifts or 4x farmer’s carries to failure. 2-5 minutes cumulative dead hangs. Eggs, glycine, cinnamon and taurine, prayer. Sleep 9 hrs. 

  3. Posture — Unblock all spinal meridians and the barrel of this cannon is cleared for launch. Fire travel upward. Horse-riding stance when stationary, Opening Outward Movement each day. When walking, head should remain on a single horizontal plane, and steps should be long — Heel makes contact with ground as toe leaves it, foot rolling forward like a wheel with calf muscles activated as ankle extends to point toe toward ground, propelling body forward. 

June 17, 2022

Compiled Notes on Science

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Science and Uncertainty

“Religion teaches society to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”

This phrase is a bloodhex wrought in word warlockery and goblin worship. Science ‘understands’ reality by reconstructing it in a simulation pre-committed to explicability, generating conclusions analogically. ie. reality¹ = that which we can understand² → we understand² reality¹

Even good science doesn’t understand; only explores. Besides, the REAL world is implicitly unintelligible to man’s feeble mind, and to accept this is to acknowledge the highest truth we are capable of grasping— FLEE from the neurotic self-placation of concocted ‘understanding’.

This coup against Truth flows from man’s breathless FEAR— of uncertainty, of ineluctable ignorance… but most finally of God, and our inadequacy in his shadow. But man IS inadequate— immeasurably so. By man’s very finitude he is made infinitely inferior to the infinitude of God.

Rather than accept his station, man does all he can do: redefine reality in analogy + simulacra, words + metaphor (every word is a metaphor). He refactors the terminology to self-aggrandise: Yes, we are certain about the nature of reality, since reality is comprised of that which we are certain of.

God is Beauty, Strength, Health, Wealth + Harmony idealised. His very image strikes existential panic in the resentful man the same way an incel is stricken by the ideal Beauty of a passing girl. Presented with its ungraspable antithesis, ugliness shrieks; a vampire in sunlight.

So u see, contained in this neurosis is a rejection of everything which constitutes flourishing. Beauty casts ugliness in its shadow; to look from above is necessarily to look down one’s nose. And man, having styled himself master of reality, hates to be looked down upon.

But I marvel at the Beauty of God’s nostrils. I love to be looked upon by something so beautiful; I reach upward, stretching to meet Him. I know He won’t come down to meet me, else he would not be God.

The fundamental attachment of scientism is not to Truth, but to certainty— a small box which Truth cannot fit into. No fact whose mechanism is inexplicable can be considered ‘scientific’, and so nothing inexplicable (a category including everything valuable) can be known by science

Certainty PRECLUDES Truth— any concrete assertion (science’s sole currency) can be shown to rely on either circular reasoning (gravity pulls objects together bc such is the nature of gravity), regression (molecules made of atoms made of…), or an axiomatic terminus (big bang)

any metaphysical argument is either circular, regressive, or axiomatic— scientific assertions are the same, only disguised as observations about the material world. Eg, The Big Bang is an axiomatic argument whose logical terms are projected onto materiality

A good heuristic is that something is TRUE precisely to the extent that it DOES NOT makes sense. Words are blunt objects to paw at Divinity, groping at a statue of Her in a dark room… I believe that when u die + ur consciousness dissolves, the lights in this room flicker on.

Science (like any form of measurement) is only useful in constructing a simple model of reality from which to make predictions. On God’s death rationalism came to replace Him, to replace reality. An atheist will say that the all Truth is scientific (reality is ‘made of science’).

Besides, when science is deprived of metaphysical authority it is revealed to be simple empirical observation, the normal mode of operation for any human.

Science and Myth

The first principle of a ‘purely rational’ worldview is that nothing means anything, and that the real is co-extensive with the explicable. It has no attachment to Truth whatsoever, only to certainty— this is its only significant difference from a mystical worldview.

Science is every bit as mythical as religion. To capture a mystical/enchanted phenomena using scientific terms is to recast a story about “beings acted upon by Gods” into a story about “matter acted upon by forces”. The difference is that the latter characters are uninteresting.

The final conclusion of science is to show that it was a pointless endeavour to begin with. Any purely rationalistic interrogation of the universe must eventually discover that it can go no farther, and arrive finally at a negation of its fundamental rational axioms. This is because any possible discovery such a method of inquiry are already contained within its very precepts— investigate the world using a schema which accepts only mechanistic material causation as sound data, and one discovers that the world is purely material, and operates causally and mechanistically. This is shown most clearly in theoretical physics, a purely abstract systematic science relatively unbound from observation in comparison to the natural sciences. It is the first of the sciences to conclude that at bottom, the universe does not operate on rational principles.

How to make knowledge:

  • Pick method of investigation (write algorithm)
  • Plug in real data (while discriminating based on data format accepted by algorithm)
  • Wait (for data accretion to satisfy all avenues of inquiry)
  • Method finds that its precepts == outputs

Method and Tradition

Attachment to method in science kneecaps man’s greatness. The better u understand its fragile, paranoid+constrictive ‘method’, the more obvious it becomes just how advanced humanity could be if science were ideal wild west of thought, anarchistic and devoid of universal method, promoting indiscriminately the greatness and ascension of man, his power and flourishing.

Science’s dogmatism far outstrips that of religion. The foremost scientific principle, that any new inquiry must be grounded in the framework validated by previous findings, is corrupt + dogmatic, strangles the darwinian selection mechanism which could make science powerful, preserves the more popular theory, not the truer one.

Unimpeded by method, an idea is true because it works— it is correct to the extent of its functionality. This is the way that man evolved his senses, faculties for simplification and organisation of chaotic data. Remember: man’s reason is but another of these senses, as physiologically contingent as any.

The scientific criterion for ‘truth’ is mechanistic intelligibility: If an observation cannot be explained mechanistically it is not scientifically true. It’s ‘unscientific’. Worse, the only acceptable explanation is material causation (which, beneath its veil, is only an all-too-human reliance on narrativity)

In this way, the scientistic weltanschauung DEMANDS meaninglessness, and the psychological profile of the scientist exposes this as his original aim. Once meaning and enchantment are drained from phenomena, once it is stripped bare of mystic knowledge… this void they call scientific truth, Enlightenment.

This reveals the question of science as a psychological + anthropological one. Investigation into the scientistic psyche a far more rewarding endeavour. What psychosexual developmental error, what delusion dominates u so that u get off on intellectual submission, self-subversion?

Scientific obsession w causality doesn’t enrich knowledge, only impedes its development, for an observation must be ‘understood’ (read: wrangled into cheap syllogism) before it can be built upon. Result is not objectivity, but amplification of man’s most embarrassing blindnesses.

The logic of tradition does not suffer this blind spot: It does not demand to know why something works, for the proof of an idea’s truth is efficacy; its longevity is a function of applicability… a far better definition for truth than one contingent on rational intelligibility.

When unmoored from guiding purpose, science angles at removing human subjectivity to create pure information by aggregating data gathered from the experience of fundamentally non-rational animals— There is no reason that this data should be considered any more objective than the individual nodes from which it is aggregated. To the contrary, it exaggerates and deifies man’s deepest irrationality: his fetishisation of reason.


  • Explanation = proof of conclusion. method = paramount authority. applicability = not considered.

  • Truth contingent on explicability by material causation.

  • Consensus = universal truth, inevitably superseded despite resistance.

  • knowledge immeasurably stunted


  • Longevity (effectiveness proxy) = Adequate proof

  • No claim to Truth as such, only ‘what we do’, ‘what we have long done’, ‘what has worked’.

  • Conclusion constantly massaged, iterated infinitely w/o established method, invites supersession.
  • knowledge flourishes

Traditional practices arise naturally from global-scale decentralised render farm composed of communities of amateur experimenters continuously testing ideas simply by living life. Those who are wrong die. Those who are right survive. Truth serves life, don’t u know? In fact, there IS no scientific ‘tradition’. With its veil lifted, the scientific process is haphazard, unmoored from purpose and disjointed in time.

The Paradigm Shift

-paradigm arises by consensus, validity of subsequent findings hinges on agreement with prevailing paradigm.

-inevitably findings in tension with paradigm accrue, inviting new theories to explain outlying evidence.

-New paradigm arises by consensus, achieves status of ‘truth’. repeat. All worthwhile scientific discoveries are made on the basis of intuition, and all current governing frameworks governing scientific inquiry were founded on deviation from what was once considered scientific truth.

April 20, 2022

Predictive Processing and the Free Energy Principle

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Classical model of action:

  • Optimal action depends on state of the world
  • Therefore, first step of action is to (1) form a belief (analyse surroundings/prospects)
  • (2) imagine a value function of next state brought about by action
  • (3) optimise action that maximises value of the next state

Model of action

  • Classical model doesn’t work when the best next thing to do is to search for/resolve uncertainty
  • Optimal action depends on beliefs about the world, and subsequent action
  • Further, it’s a function of the order in which you interrogate the world
  • Therefore the functional (function of a function) to be optimised is a function of beliefs
  • Optimal action therefore is optimising sequences or policies of actions
  • To be optimised: a function of a belief, integrated over time

Free Energy Principle:

  • The goal of a self-organising (eg biological) system is to minimise prediction error (surprise), also called ‘free energy’, by forming continually-updated beliefs/inferences about the world from which to form policies of action
  • Friston considers this an organising principle of all life and intelligence
  • To be alive (to be a system that resists disorder and dissolution) is to act in ways that reduce the gulf between your expectations and your sensory inputs (AKA, to minimise free energy)

  • If a prototypical agent, or a ‘good agent’ minimises free energy (thereby minimising ‘surprise’), they must believe that the actions they take minimised expected free energy
  • expected free energy associated with a policy of action is minimised

Markov Blanket:

The Markov Blanket is a concept in machine learning which is essentially a shield that separates one set of variables from others in a layered, hierarchical system. The blanket defines the boundaries of a given system. That is, in cognition, a cognitive version of a cell membrane shielding states inside the blanket from states outside. This is the schema by which surprise is minimised— the Markov blanket is a set of variables sufficiently complete that another random variable can be inferred from it . If a Markov blanket is minimal (parsimonious) (cannot drop any variable without losing information), it is called a Markov boundary.

April 16, 2022

Underpinnings of the Exocore

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Digitally-Integrated Mind Palace

  • Navigability
    • Easy hyperlinking = frequent hyperlinking
  • Memorability
    • Hijacking and piggybacking on existing human mnemonic faculties
      • Chernoff Faces
      • Urbit Sigils
      • [[Underpinnings of the Exocore#Urbit Names|Urbit Names]]
      • Spatial faculties — does an implementation exist?
    • Zettelkasten mnemonic badges

Semantic Internet

  • Plain text
    • Accessibility
    • Universality
  • Standards-compliance
  • Portability
  • Static Website Delivery

Writing as Thinking, Written Output as Consolidated Thought

  • Feynman Technique
  • General —> specific, scattered -> polished

Data Ownership and Escaping Net Serfdom

  • Digital owned space
    • Customisability
    • Local Instance
    • Digital and Personal Legacy


  • The Viral Public License
  • Non-proprietary (open source) file formats

Network Sublimation

  • Collaboration
  • Webrings
  • RSS
  • Remchat
  • The New Internet


  • Local storage
  • No internet required
  • No coding required
  • Searchability — in contention with static design

Tradition of the Exocore

  • The Roman Room
  • The Memex
  • The Zettelkasten
  • Project Xanadu
  • Web 1.0
  • IRC
  • Webrings
  • Digital Gardens
  • Project Xanadu
  • Memex
  • Compendium
  • Zettelkasten
  • Hyperdraft

Other Exocore-like implementations and resources

Visual data representations that piggyback on human mnemonic faculties

Chernoff Faces

“Chernoff faces, invented by applied mathematician, statistician and physicist Herman Chernoff in 1973, display multivariate data in the shape of a human face. The individual parts, such as eyes, ears, mouth and nose represent values of the variables by their shape, size, placement and orientation.”

Urbit Sigils

Urbit Namespace

    Prefixes   Suffixes
    ---------- ---------- 
0.    doz        zod
1.    mar        nec
2.    bin        bud
3.    wan        wes
4.    sam        sev
5.    lit        per
6.    sig        sut
7.    hid        let
8.    fid        ful
9.    lis        pen
10.   sog        syt
11.   dir        dur
12.   wac        wep
13.   sab        ser
14.   wis        wyl
15.   sib        sun


  8 bits  galaxy  ~lyt
 16 bits  star    ~diglyt
 32 bits  planet  ~picder-ragsyt
 64 bits  moon    ~diglyt-diglyt-picder-ragsyt
128 bits  comet   ~racmus-mollen-fallyt-linpex--watres-sibbur-modlux-rinmex

Roman Room/Memory Palace/Method of Loci

The Lukasa

“Court historians known as bana balute (“men of memory”) run their fingertips across the surface of a lukasa or point to its features while reciting genealogies, king lists, maps of protocol, migration stories, and the great Luba Epic, a preeminent oral narrative that records how the culture heroes, Mbidi Kiluwe and his son Kalala Ilunga, introduced royal political practices and etiquette. “

April 16, 2022

Links from Wei re: other exocore-like implementations

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The DevTerm

The Combine

April 13, 2022

Predictive Processing and Active Inference — Resources

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See: predictive processing and the free energy principle

April 09, 2022

URIs, URLs, UUIDs, ERIs, IRLs, PURLs, RDDLs, and more

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Analysis and Allocation, Dimension in Data Representation and Reality-Facing Informatics

Semantic Web and Share-structured Databases

Computation Complexity

February 28, 2022


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Usufruct is a legal concept referring to a right in property which confers on the holder the right to use and benefit from the property without altering, damaging, or destroying it. A usufructary does not own the property but does have a legal interest in it which is sanctioned or contractually allowed by the owner.

A usufructary has two of the three civilian property property interests in the property, usus and fructus— they do not have the interest of abusus, which entitles them to alienate, destroy, consume or sell the property.

The three civilian property interests:

  • Usus: The right to use or enjoy a thing posessed, directly and without alteration
  • Fructus: The right to derive profit from a thing possessed, eg. by lease, cultivation, taxing on entry, etc. Fructus (from ‘fruit’) allows a person to benefit from the sale of renewable commodities of the property.
  • Abusus: The right to consume, destroy, or transfer the property. This interest is not conferred upon the usufructary.


  • Roman law considered usufruct a type of personal servitude, where the usufructary had no posession of the property. Under a rental agreement today, a person has even more restricted rights over a property than did a usufructary in Rome, but is yet not considered a personal servant.
  • The Law of Modes directed owners of productive property not to harvest the edges of their fields so that the poor may collect the gleanings. This confers a kind of usufructary right by default onto the poor.
  • “Earth belongs – in usufruct – to the living.” (Thomas Jefferson).

February 28, 2022

Dopamine, L-dopa and Pattern Detection

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Production of neurotransmitter dopamine is stimulated by novelty, and it facilitates learning, information storage and pattern-recognition, as well as regulating emotion. Pattern-detection is important to learning, because the brain is able to compress complex raw data by identifying repetitious elements and storing information in association with the pattern, rather than making space for each node of information to be stored separately1. For example, there is no need to memorize 1000 patterns of digits in order to count from 1 to 1000; the pattern is regular enough that the brain can derive each integer from a pattern it has stored, without storing each data point that the pattern produces.

However, patterns are not pure representations of the world, or even of the data being apprehended by the brain— they are mnemonic data structures which necessarily reduce the complexity of information in order to store it more efficiently. Pattern-matching is generally considered to be helpful for learning, and this may be true, provided that ‘learning’ in this context has the same meaning as ‘remembering’, or ‘committing to memory’.

However, is learning-as-remembering actually conducive to understanding? ‘Sensitivity to pattern-detection’ can be alternately phrased as ‘tendency to apply narrative’. Humans cannot resist applying narrative to phenomena, and it seems that a compulsion to apprehend data in a logical or causal sequence is deeply ingrained in the human brain, ported over from a form of intelligence that evolved to understand the physical world, where causality is a ubiquitous feature. For this reason, making judgements and applying narratives over inert, chaotic data is a human default, and takes serious conscious effort to avoid. In reality, the overwhelming majority of information confronting the mind is not better understood by being wrangled into a Procrustean pattern, including the criteria of cause and effect. However, these are the mental tools that humans are provided with, and and we do it anyway. One often develops a closer relationship with reality by forgoing any hope of understanding it.

Given its role in pattern-detection, it is unsurprising that dopamine also lowers skepticism, and that highly dopamine-dependent people make poorer decisions. If logical sequences (patterns) appear more readily, an inflated subset of chaotic phenomena appears to ‘make sense’, and so the suspension of belief is more easily overcome. L-dopa, a drug which is metabolized as dopamine and used to treat Parkinson’s, makes people more vulnerable to pattern-detection, and has a notable side-effect that causes some patients to develop sudden gambling addictions— patients see clear patterns in random phenomena, leading them to believe that reality is more predictable than it is, and that they can expect success by acting in confidence of their understanding of reality.

In brief: Pattern detection is conducive to memorization, but not necessarily to clear thinking; in many instances apprehension of a pattern is a reduction of phenomena too complex to be faithfully reduced. Heightened dopamine can bolster addictive compulsions and increase credulousness, as patterns are more readily detected and chaotic sequences of action appear to make more sense. Pattern-detection is enhanced by dopamine production, and tendencies to compulsive action can result.

Dopamine and Neuroplasticity

Dopamine is also tightly associated with path-seeking, motivation, and anticipation. Properly conceived, it is not a chemical reward, but a chemical motivator which orients the brain in pursuit of a reward. In the short-term, dopamine has the effect of mental sharpening, alertness, and sensitivity to stimuli. When administered chemicals metabolised as dopamine, chemical which is released in anticipation of something good happening in the future.

Anticipation may be pleasurable, though it is physiologically analogous to nervous anticipation, and open to subjective interpretation. However, our anticipation does not transform into pleasure until the thing anticipated actually happens. If we are excited for good news and don’t hear any, we experience a dopamine crash which brings us to a more displeasurable state than where we started, though nothing has changed.

This is reflected neurochemically: When dopamine is released, there is no neurochemical reward until the the dopamine loop is ‘closed’. Upon this ‘closure’, signals are transmitted backward through the neural systems which were activated as the reward was approached, stimulating cellular growth through myelinization and strengthening the pathways which contributed to the achievement of the goal. This has the effect of increasing our tendency to follow the pattern of action which led us to the reward. Drug addictions develop exactly this way, when the association between drug administration and dopamine release becomes physiologically ingrained. A process of reward-induced neuroplasticity is activated, incentivising either a similar or different path of action depending on whether or not the promise of achievement or pleasure made by the release of dopamine is kept. For this reason, habit-forming and learning of both positive and negative kinds are accelerated when accompanied by the appropriate dopamine release (or administration).

Dopamine draws the mind’s attention to things outside the body, away from interoceptive considerations such as placement of limbs, rate of breathing and heartbeat, respiration, satiety, and emotions associated with autonomic and subconscious processes. By this mechanism, dopamine release decreases self-consciousness.

The above information on dopamine can be worked neatly into the framework of Predictive Processing, which posits ‘free energy’ (put simply, ‘surprise’) as the emergent loss function of biological systems. Free energy represents a delta between the perceptive fantasy (world-theory/model of reality) and sensory input, experienced as subjectively unpleasant surprise.

  1. This process can be compared to data compression algorithms, which implement processes in digitizing natural (analogue) data which are comparable to those used by the human brain when ‘compressing’ experienced data into memory. Quantization, rounding, truncation, subsampling, and others. The human brain searches for patterns and repetition, creates abstractions to bundle concepts together, and forms heuristics to make inferences. Read about some examples of data visualisation and mnemonic aids which demonstrate the crossover between computer and human memory. 

February 19, 2022

Drink Recipes

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Brain charger (blueberry smoothie)


  • Blueberries
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Vanilla essence

NB: You can comfortably consume a full kilogram of blueberries per day with this recipe — this is useful for overcoming hangover, brain fog, poisoning, heroin withdrawal, habitual modafinil use, etc.


  • Glycine
  • L-theanine
  • Taurine
  • Magnesium glycinate
  • Mix into Kombucha or mineral water.

Concentration/Mental feats

  • Magnesium glycinate
  • L-theanine
  • Glycine
  • Creatine
  • Honey (optional)
  • Stir through black coffee or blueberry juice.

Note: Adjust magnesium, glycine and strength of coffee contrapuntally depending on constitution and desired result.

Physical feats

  • Raw cacao nibs or powder
  • Rhodiola
  • Creatine
  • Honey
  • Raw eggs— optionally, add kefir/milk/yoghurt/banana to taste.

ACV Refresher / Digestive

  • Dash of apple cider vinegar
  • Teaspoon of glycine
  • Add to glass of mineral water

NB: If you drink this too often your bones will dissolve and you will die.

Orange Milk


  • Orange juice or peeled oranges
  • Honey
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Milk, if using oranges

Coldbrew Coffee

  • Add coffee grounds to water in glass bottle, shake well, and leave in fridge to brew overnight.

Optionally, add theanine

Hot Chocolate

Blend well and heat:

  • Warm milk
  • Cream
  • Unsalted butter
  • Honey
  • Raw cacao nibs

Banana Milk

  • Briefly fry banana in butter
  • Blend well with honey and milk

Potency Tea

In hot water:

  • Pine pollen
  • Powdered ginger
  • Yohimbe
  • Powdered korean ginseng root
  • Honey

February 09, 2022

Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup (Korean Style)

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For one serving:

  • Cornish hen/spatchcock
  • quarter cup (ideally short grain) rice, soaked for 15 minutes in hot water
  • Ginseng root
  • large dried jujube (red date)
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • Spring onions, chopped
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  • Wash and salt hen, and rinse rice with cold water
  • Stuff with rice, 1 ginseng root, 1 jujube, 8 cloves of garlic
  • Boil from cold water, then simmer for 1.5 hours
  • Occasionally ladle any settled broth over hens
  • Serve Hens whole in a bowl and pour over broth
  • Sprinkle spring onions and pepper

    Compare with [[Ginseng Chicken Tonic Soup (Chinese Style)]]

February 02, 2022

Ginseng Chicken Tonic Soup (Chinese Style)

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10 min preparation, 1-4 hrs cooking


  • Huang Jing (Siberian Solomon’s Seal)
  • Goji Berry (Fructus Lycii)
  • Dang Shen (Codonopsis pilosula)
  • Chinese Yam
  • Ginseng Root
  • Astralagus (Huang Qi)

These can usually be found in a Chinese grocer as a single mix, but buying each separate and in bulk avoids packing markup— you can store a giant glass jar of this for years, cheaply, and only have to buy fresh chicken.

See the benefits of these spices here.

Any kind of chicken is fine, but chicken with bones, like a Maryland or a whole spatchcock (small chicken) works best.


  • Rinse, dry and salt chicken. Let sit for 30 minutes.
  • Place herbs, water and chicken in a pot and bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer.
  • Occasionally check in to remove solids from surface of soup or add water if needed.
  • Cook for 1-4 hrs — 50% reduction is ideal.
  • Remove chicken and chop to serving size. Season soup with salt and serve in a bowl.

Compare with [[Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup (Korean Style)]]

February 01, 2022

Miscellaneous Links

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See all external links from this website

January 26, 2022

Notes on Remilia’s New Internet

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the vision

um um u um uh hhhhhh

the visionis the new internet

the visiton is . remco

the new internet is realtim e( meguca) (s0machat )

the new art is remilia ( milady ) *( bonkler)

this is what. I beleive in . when I said Ibelieve in the vision

spider im so drunk incoehrent righr t now you will have to forgive m e for mty terseness

the new internet is digial dovertnty . exocore. realtime chat. OpenBSD

tiling window manager .terminal .

the new internet is network spirituality

the new internet

it all made sense to me

right now . is like a drea m for me. im rdreaming

the new internet is a reevaluation of our social interaction with each other . and a reformation of our dynamic with each other as USERS

the new internet is whit e hearted ( light hearted)

you have to think about this ,.

the real time chat BSD exocore digital sogivern homestead terminal tiling window manger are the aestehtic surface level

the deeper level is the metaphyiscs of the internet and how we interpret the virtual world

the rleationship betwene user interfaces with our mental spatiotemporal matrix of virtual reality

the relationship of social interfaces with our sociocultural development

digital culture is in turmoil as ou r third spaces are full y owned by pltaforfmrsd . w e are fully plugged in to .

eletronic womb . fetus . umbilical cord (100GB ETHERNET ) Into the SPINE

next stage o f humanutiy . traditionalism ( VAT) (susptended . sensory deperevation) / ( retrun)

3 monitors

112wsx . socio temporal nexus

cxomputer hell

the user interface will stop existing once the machine learning models fully understand us

the syncreticism between the old and the young. the tools to make computers approachable for the old are the fundemental primitive that the young understand comptuers throguh . its ahoreseshi ( horse shoe)

xcomputers must be increasingly MORE addictive . fqast . emotional . no response time given . immediate off th

e cuf f answers . full information throughput betwene interlocutors

charles has not adjusted his body to the netwrok . he is still getting “carsick “ becauyse his body has no t adapted to its new organs

having a new monitor added is like getting a new limb stitched onto your bodyt . conversely. I was mutilated when my diamondtron 2060u broke

stock traders with 30 monitors a re like the hindu dieties

January 22, 2022

The American Samurai

Virtue and Cameraderie in Business

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It is said that business poisons friendships, but it’s not true— Business relationships are an ideal form of friendship, and a corporate entity can form the most cohesive and highly-evolved group dynamics possible. Ongoing, mutually productive business dealings demand personal virtue more than a typical friendship.

Business is a zone of consequence, accountability, and competition; in such an environment virtues are blast-tested constantly. When money enters a friendship and things go sour, the true machinery at play is that scarcities of virtue are revealed. Greed poisons friendships, as does untrustworthiness or envy— it is only the introduction of money which has made these qualities material.

A shrewd businessman searches for the same qualities in an associate as every person should look for in a friend. Many people have no problem maintaining a friendship with someone of loserish character, because they don’t rely on them for their livelihood.

So, the premium on personal virtue increases with the level of consequence. In competitive spheres with no means of recourse to a higher body, there is no insulation from consequence, and a market for virtue is born. Cosmopolites will wonder how the Russian empire grew by 50 miles a day for 300 years without an intermediary institution between the masses and the monarch— well, a healthy culture of underground terrorist extremism flourished, and rulers who made too many mistakes were not granted the mercy of being voted out. Creating a platform and a market for appeals and excuses is likely to spawn a lot of both.

Cutthroat, competitive, unregulated environments tribalize people, which is often wrongly conceived as a process of disconnection— it’s not. People are disconnected by default, and tribalization only brings them closer. An outgroup and an ingroup mutually manifest each other in their opposition, like darkness and light— each exists precisely to the extent that the other does. In an environment where an individual can afford to pay betrayals no mind, the value of loyalty is depreciated. Where there are no consequences to breaches of trust, there is no market for trustworthiness.

Virtues like trustworthiness or loyalty are revealed by situations that demand them, and so domains of direct consequence and accountability produce an ideal form of camaraderie . This makes a mafia the mythically heightened form of a business, where stakes are existential and mechanisms for recourse are truly absent, even hostile.

In unregulated business sectors camaraderie is high, as is productivity— a function of the supremely fruitful relationships formed between virtuous men. If the ultimate font of abundance is the wild west, then the ultimate businessman is a cowboy. In the historical wild west of the American frontier the cowboy arose as a romantic hero, spun into a scrappier, Byronic form suited to New World capital— the The American Chevalier. The American Samurai.

December 10, 2021


Finally... HYPER-LOVE

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When my wife is sponging the coconut oil from my body and bedecking me with ceremonial turkish silk houndstooth posting robe and red sash before I enter the computing chamber for the 6am opening of the XLR realtime imageboard, I will be intoning a psalm to HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m adopting kibi-dachi horseriding stance at my standing desk to drink in energies from panoramic views of dry red plateus and the chapparal forest beyond, I will know that HYPER-LOVE brought me here.

When I’m getting dismembered by four enterprising young cyber-cultists for the Urbit star private key tattooed on my ankle, I’ll be thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m signing ‘Yours in Christ’ on my transaction hash for a 2.5 Monero contribution to the runaway viral assassination betting marketplace protocol crowdfunding the execution of public officials, I’ll be dreaming of HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m explaining to the postman through the intercom that I can’t come to the gate to sign for my package because my driveway is 6 miles long and that he should leave my dark web acid shipment at the guardhouse, I’ll be thinking of HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m receiving the results of my blood test to discover whether my 12-week research chemical cycle has caused adrenal suppression and the pathologist is asking why they don’t show any COVID-19 antibodies, I am thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When my boys and I are hiding from tattooed pirates and breaking into a cold storage vault housed in a remote cult compound to reclaim my Urbit star and get my fucking foot back, I’ll be thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When I am watching the white robes of my paperless indentured servants glisten under high-pressure sodium grow-lamps as they bend over rows of red korean ginseng in my adapted hydroponic microgreen trough-farm warehouse, I will be wondering where I would be without HYPER-LOVE.

When the blueberry juice, deer antler tonic and Sufi devotional chants be hitting and the membrane between this world and a greater one grows thin and I’m surrounded by luminous hovering angels at war with sin, banishing the woeful groaning of arthropod goblins from this worldly plane, bathing me in the light of blazing eternity and strengthening my limbs and rendering my skin golden and bones dense and heavy as cast iron and moving in unison as dancing onionskin ghosts to sanctify the spirit of every creature that lives under the shimmering disc of God’s great red sun, I am linking arms with my friends and we are chanting HYPER-LOVE.

October 03, 2021

I’m Caught Up

On Everything

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OK guys, I’m caught up. I’m finally caught up on Web3, and Urbit, and the Assembly in Austin, and the Wet Brain Panel, and Ethereum scalability, and the distinction between optimistic and zero-knowledge ETH rollups, and Arbitrum (which idc about), and I read the Wikipedia page for Merkle tables, and I learned what shard chains are, and I kind of gave up on figuring out templeDAO unless someone can really make it exciting for me.

I’m caught up on the developments in the mythos of Milady Sonora wherein SWAT teams opened fire on her packed rave in New York City, and how the feds were tipped off by a rival DAO whose board of directors feared the fresh, youthful iconoclasm and enlightened prescience that will wash clean the poisoned digital landscape, and how there was coronavirus in the handsoap and speed in Himi’s coke that night.

I’m caught up on Chinese municipal tier system, and I finally looked at a map of New York and apparently Tribeca stands for Triangle below Canal, like as in Canal Street and oh yeah I found out what the Drunken Canal is, and I read a NYT article about it and the author put Dimes Square in quotation marks which I thought uhh Xennial moment, and apparently Soho stands for South of Hou—idc, and I’m caught up on the OHM/TIME drama and how jawz deactivated but maybe he’s back now, idk (idc), and now I know who Dean Kissick is, and who Honor Levy is and apparently she’s half-jewish which I learned because I listened to an episode of Wet Brain (Moldbug episode, on Spotify) and now I know who Walter Pearce, Tyler Hobbs, Waheed Zai (idc), and Zach Lieberman are.

I’m caught up on the MiladyMaker Minecraft Server and its 100,000-page whitepaper shitpost, and I had dinner with the firm partners, and I avoided getting ejected from the steakhouse for being unvaxxed and I didn’t even have to make a scene, and I got a new suit at the TM Lewin liquidation sale because people weren’t buying suits in quarantine (only shirts), and in the groupchat the boys are staking ICE and burning FRAX, and something about MIM and AVAX idk, and I got the Andrew Tate follow to complete the goated follower stack (Thomas777, Land, Solbrah, Landshark, Tate). I’m caught up on pay-to-earn Axie slaves in the Phillipines, and the revival movement for marquee tags in standards-compliant HTML, And I’m NOT caught up on the Rittenhouse trial (idc).

Now, to look toward tomorrow— toward the Remilia Island Virtual Compound, and to a simultaneous rebirth and gamification of human slavery through the burgeoning indentured South-East-Asian cookie-clicker serf economy backdoor, and to a teary-eyed toast at the private gallery show anticipating the rejuvenation of slavery as such in the eyes of the public consciousness, and to eyeball-analysing AR vaccine-taker detection goggles trained on a GAN, and to an ocean of starry-eyed Vtuber starlet angels making their first million, and to the one young Decentralised-Autonomous-Corporation-as-performance-art who risked it all and won the hearts and minds of seven billion Americans across the globe.


James Arthur Liao