Corn is bad because it’s fundamentally indigestible unless it’s like once specific ancient type of maize and you have the genetics of a frumpy savage Central American Indian.

The people who cultivated it were savages who smoked penis blood, built their society on a foundation of heavy hallucinogenic rituals, and performed incredible quantities of human sacrifices to appease eldritch Lovecraftian lizard demons whom they worshipped as Gods, all in exchange for the ability to construct a giant pyramid lake city without ever even discovering the wheel — and even THEY said of corn that it stored the souls of the dead.

Corn is literally not edible, causes or exacerbates a litany of health problems, alters the human genome over time, destroys people’s bodies and makes them lazy and stupid, all without actually being a cost effective crop. It costs more to use corn in all the slops and gruels which it’s shoehorned into than it does to use anything else.

When you eat corn, you literally welcome a fucking demon into your body and it’s really fucking weird that a small group of lobbyists, interest groups, executives and politicians made it their life’s work to ensure that there’s corn products in nearly everything sold as food today, not to mention that all the meat we eat is cornfed, which btw is also an insanely expensive endeavour which fucks up animals so bad that farmers graft plastic screw-caps on cows’ bellies so they can reach into their stomachs with rubber gloves and regularly clear undigested corn blockages, because instead of feeding them grass — the cheapest, easiest, healthiest and most suitable food — we feed them fucking corn

Anyone who doesn’t eat corn products for more than a week feels a distinct fucking difference, then notices how shitty corn consumption makes you feel. Nutrition is a parallel to spirituality, your organs are divine entities connecting you to the spirit realm — it’s why Egyptians put them in canopic jars, it’s why every religion that’s ever existed has placed severe strictures upon diet, and it makes sense when you realize your entire personality and emotions (which form the defining characteristics of what you would call a soul) are determined by what you eat. Corn is a fucking demon.

Scearpo (lightly edited)