Digitally-Integrated Mind Palace

  • Navigability
    • Easy hyperlinking = frequent hyperlinking
  • Memorability
    • Hijacking and piggybacking on existing human mnemonic faculties
      • Chernoff Faces
      • Urbit Sigils
      • [[Underpinnings of the Exocore#Urbit Names|Urbit Names]]
      • Spatial faculties — does an implementation exist?
    • Zettelkasten mnemonic badges

Semantic Internet

  • Plain text
    • Accessibility
    • Universality
  • Standards-compliance
  • Portability
  • Static Website Delivery

Writing as Thinking, Written Output as Consolidated Thought

  • Feynman Technique
  • General —> specific, scattered -> polished

Data Ownership and Escaping Net Serfdom

  • Digital owned space
    • Customisability
    • Local Instance
    • Digital and Personal Legacy


  • The Viral Public License
  • Non-proprietary (open source) file formats

Network Sublimation

  • Collaboration
  • Webrings
  • RSS
  • Remchat
  • The New Internet


  • Local storage
  • No internet required
  • No coding required
  • Searchability — in contention with static design

Tradition of the Exocore

  • The Roman Room
  • The Memex
  • The Zettelkasten
  • Project Xanadu
  • Web 1.0
  • IRC
  • Webrings
  • Digital Gardens
  • Project Xanadu
  • Memex
  • Compendium
  • Zettelkasten
  • Hyperdraft

Other Exocore-like implementations and resources

Visual data representations that piggyback on human mnemonic faculties

Chernoff Faces

“Chernoff faces, invented by applied mathematician, statistician and physicist Herman Chernoff in 1973, display multivariate data in the shape of a human face. The individual parts, such as eyes, ears, mouth and nose represent values of the variables by their shape, size, placement and orientation.”

Urbit Sigils

Urbit Namespace

    Prefixes   Suffixes
    ---------- ---------- 
0.    doz        zod
1.    mar        nec
2.    bin        bud
3.    wan        wes
4.    sam        sev
5.    lit        per
6.    sig        sut
7.    hid        let
8.    fid        ful
9.    lis        pen
10.   sog        syt
11.   dir        dur
12.   wac        wep
13.   sab        ser
14.   wis        wyl
15.   sib        sun


  8 bits  galaxy  ~lyt
 16 bits  star    ~diglyt
 32 bits  planet  ~picder-ragsyt
 64 bits  moon    ~diglyt-diglyt-picder-ragsyt
128 bits  comet   ~racmus-mollen-fallyt-linpex--watres-sibbur-modlux-rinmex

Roman Room/Memory Palace/Method of Loci

The Lukasa

“Court historians known as bana balute (“men of memory”) run their fingertips across the surface of a lukasa or point to its features while reciting genealogies, king lists, maps of protocol, migration stories, and the great Luba Epic, a preeminent oral narrative that records how the culture heroes, Mbidi Kiluwe and his son Kalala Ilunga, introduced royal political practices and etiquette. “