When my wife is sponging the coconut oil from my body and bedecking me with ceremonial turkish silk houndstooth posting robe and red sash before I enter the computing chamber for the 6am opening of the XLR realtime imageboard, I will be intoning a psalm to HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m adopting kibi-dachi horseriding stance at my standing desk to drink in energies from panoramic views of dry red plateus and the chapparal forest beyond, I will know that HYPER-LOVE brought me here.

When I’m getting dismembered by four enterprising young cyber-cultists for the Urbit star private key tattooed on my ankle, I’ll be thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m signing ‘Yours in Christ’ on my transaction hash for a 2.5 Monero contribution to the runaway viral assassination betting marketplace protocol crowdfunding the execution of public officials, I’ll be dreaming of HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m explaining to the postman through the intercom that I can’t come to the gate to sign for my package because my driveway is 6 miles long and that he should leave my dark web acid shipment at the guardhouse, I’ll be thinking of HYPER-LOVE.

When I’m receiving the results of my blood test to discover whether my 12-week research chemical cycle has caused adrenal suppression and the pathologist is asking why they don’t show any COVID-19 antibodies, I am thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When my boys and I are hiding from tattooed pirates and breaking into a cold storage vault housed in a remote cult compound to reclaim my Urbit star and get my fucking foot back, I’ll be thinking about HYPER-LOVE.

When I am watching the white robes of my paperless indentured servants glisten under high-pressure sodium grow-lamps as they bend over rows of red korean ginseng in my adapted hydroponic microgreen trough-farm warehouse, I will be wondering where I would be without HYPER-LOVE.

When the blueberry juice, deer antler tonic and Sufi devotional chants be hitting and the membrane between this world and a greater one grows thin and I’m surrounded by luminous hovering angels at war with sin, banishing the woeful groaning of arthropod goblins from this worldly plane, bathing me in the light of blazing eternity and strengthening my limbs and rendering my skin golden and bones dense and heavy as cast iron and moving in unison as dancing onionskin ghosts to sanctify the spirit of every creature that lives under the shimmering disc of God’s great red sun, I am linking arms with my friends and we are chanting HYPER-LOVE.